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  1. Next Season

    No bulls***. I think we could surpass this year's win total of 23 next year. Let me list the reasons: -Egwu is going to be a beast. Mark my words -I think Tracy is coming into his own and his ability to create will drastically improve -Defensively, there won't be such a learning curve as it looks like Groce gets it -Our non-conference schedule won't be as difficult as Groce has said he wants more home games -Early entries to the NBA will change our current perceptions of the league -Count me as a believer in the ability of Hill to score and Nunn to lead from day 1 Sight unseen, I think we go something like 10-3 in nc (more home games; easier opponents), 10-8 in the B1G (6 home wins, 4 road), 2 wins in BTT and I believe Groce gets us further in tourney next year. A great example is Wichita St. They lost their top 4 scorers and are still playing.
  2. *** Official NCAA Selection Show Thread ***

    Win the first game against CU. I'm thinking that all this talk about Miami smacks of an early exit for the 'Canes. How many times does the team that is talked about most for missing a seed pack their bags early? Missouri last year comes to mind.
  3. Bill Self Milestone

    I didn't see the game or the controversial calls but I read all about them this morning. I was not shocked in the least to see that #$%&@!ing hack job, Tom O'Neill, as one of the 3 officials in the mess. He sucks at life. He is BY FAR, the worst official who has been around for years. I remember the ILL-NU game in Evanston a few years back (the McCamey Comeback) where he was the lead official and the foul discrepancy at one point in the 2nd half was 8/9 to 1 against ILL. And this was against the static NU team. He is a complete piece of #$%&@! and I hope this ends his officiating career.
  4. The OFFICIAL Illinois v Purdont Game Thread

    Purdue, a physical man-2-man team, has been whistled for 6 fouls in the first 30 minutes.
  5. The OFFICIAL Illinois v Purdont Game Thread

    Fouls: Illinois 8 Purdue 3 In Champaign. My God, we never catch a break. Imagine that happening to Bo Ryan in Madison.

    At 4-7, we're a 7/8 seed already on most boards. If we finish 6th in the conference, we'd likely be seeded above OSU and probably WI based on the non-conference wins. I suspect we are undervaluing the win against GT in the ACC/B1G challenge also. Quirky things like that do matter to the committee.

    9-9 in conference will get us a 5/6 seed. If we add some wins in the BTT, it's not inconceivable that we sit on the 4 line. At 9-9 with our non-con, and given the 7-2 record down the stretch, our perception for this team will change dramatically. At 7-11, I suspect we'd be in the 10/11 range and perhaps playing in Dayton. At 8-10, I think we're an 8/9.
  8. The hells yeah back to back postgame

    This team makes its 3's and they are top 10 in country. The good news is they look like they're getting some mad confidence back. They are going dancing barring a collapse but I don't see that happening. I think we'll look back at that last 3:36 of the IU game in about a month and the impact will be even greater than it appears now. I predicted 3 weeks ago that this was a S16 team. Sticking by it and gaining more confidence it will come to fruition.
  9. Sick and Tired of Big Ten Refs

    B1G officiating is killing the product. It's been bad for many years but it's getting worse which is nearly impossible. It's to the point that if Larry Scurato (sp) is the ref in our game, just turn it off because the screw job is coming. And what's worse is that he does it maliciously and with intent......and no reprimand.
  10. MSU postgame

    32 FT for MSU in the 2nd half. 53 points. Draw your own conclusions
  11. Rest of season

    9-9 conference. 2-1 BTT S16
  12. Well that sucked. Groce has some maturing as a coach to do but maybe what we're seeing was baked into the cake before he even got here. I was hopeful that he would change styles and attitudes and it just isn't happening with this group. Still optimistic that we'll make the tourney but they better start winning at home.
  13. Someone has to say it

    My reservation about Kansas is they have looked real lethargic in the last few weeks barely beating ISU, Texas, and Temple at home. I'm just not sold on their ability to score outside of McLemore. Granted they'll be playing the first 2 games of the tourney in Kansas City which assures them a S16 bid. However, I compare them to OSU. They are probably a good bet to make the F4; I just don't want to make it.
  14. Someone has to say it

    OVERRATED! I think we're setting ourselves up for another spectacular collapse when it really matters. We know too well our struggles, but look around: -OSU is so dependent on one scorer that options 2-5 are punchlines. -MSU seems limited in the backcourt and still doesn't do much for me -IU has Cody Zeller who is to the Hoosiers what Leonard was to the Illini last year: a certain lottery pick who gets lost on the floor because of the other 4 players around him. -WIS still isn't serious about playing basketball and would rather resort to some combination of MMA and roller derby, especially in the lane. Hacks. -PU is 2 games over .500 -NU is dog crap -UNL isn't good -PSU is to B1G basketball what the Illini are to B1G football -IOWA is still young, but they are coming. Probably a few years away still. Michigan is good, real good. However, the thing that scares you about going all in on them is the reliance on the 3's. They can look great all season and then go cold in March and they don't make it to the 2nd weekend. Minnesota is interesting in that they have some pieces on the front line that can cause issues. However, the issue for them is Joe Coleman won't play like he did against us every night. All told, if you take the conference as a whole, it isn't anywhere near as good as the pundits are making it out to be. I suppose that when compared to others, it holds up well but that says more about the overall #$%&@!ty state of CBB than anything else. This year's champ is coming from the group of Louisville, Gonzaga, Duke, Syracuse, and Florida. It really has never been so clear so early in the year.
  15. The Sky Has Officially Fallen Postgame Thread

    I agree that they have baggage; lots of it. But that doesn't excuse some of the mistakes. You have to admit that some of the loss tonight is on Groce. Doesn't mean he isn't right for the job/program or that we should call for his head. But when you lose to this NU team in a rout, questions should be asked.