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  1. Izzo on Weber

    If we are gonna go that route, heres a whole thread of MSU fans saying he should be fired. The only guy that says he shouldn't be says that because he thinks Illinois should only do it if we have someone lined up, not because he thinks hes a good coach. http://michiganstate.247sports.com/Board/93/How-far-does-Illinois-have-to-go-to-save-Webers-job-7320983/1 If you need it, I'll find a ton more all over the internet by fans of other teams saying the same thing.
  2. P-Diddy's son

    USC offered Romeo to get Demar Derozan. So if Combs is gonna bring a 5 star stud with him, even better.
  3. DWill on the move?

    Damn Deron has got you mad. He should have every right to go do what he wants. If they miss games or the entire season, the players don't get paid for lost time. The contract in Turkey is for a year but ends once the lockout ends. You think the Nets would void his contract and you actually believe Deron also thinks that? lol. Trade their entire future away for him and then get rid of him because he goes and plays basketball in his spare time, which he would be doing during the summer anyway. They wouldn't do that unless he got seriously hurt, and even then all that is taken away would be his guaranteed money so that would be all on Deron and be his risk.
  4. Where are they now

    Tell us how you really feel Shook. Damn. You seem bitter as phuck.
  5. Jereme Richmond separates truth from rumors

    Me too. Haters gonna hate.
  6. Why the love fest?

    Players don't stop getting better at 18 years old people. He can develop a jump shot, he can get faster as he gets his legs stronger, he can get stronger in his upper body. Yeah he could flop in the NBA, but if he ended up being a decent player I wouldn't be shocked at all.
  7. Florida basketball players arrested for breaking into car..

    "We're not in f****** Gainesville." Lol And yeah, he probably won't get it because all he is is the student manager, but he deserves a 2nd chance more than Murphy does.
  8. Richmond in the NBA

    18 year olds never get stronger, quicker or faster after working with legit NBA trainers.......
  9. Where does DMac go in the draft

    Demetri and Jereme will both be drafted
  10. This game proved shooting means more than coaching

    I hate that the NCAA sacrifices quality play by playing the Final Four in huge venues just to get more revenue. Both teams shot the worst they have the entire tournament (maybe even year) tonight.
  11. I'm hearin Richmond is gone for good...

    So do you know what he did exactly? You seem to write as if you do yet you won't actually give any details.
  12. I'm hearin Richmond is gone for good...

    Carlwell willingly got in the vehicle and was also intoxicated. It's his own fault he even got in the car to put himself in that position.
  13. North-South All Star Game

    It's boring, I turned it off. I'll catch the replay later to see the dunk by Henry. I was gonna watch the Chicago Classic game with Shaw/Egwu but the organizers for the game didn't pay CBS so they aren't showing it on TV anymore.
  14. I'm hearin Richmond is gone for good...

    OH NO!!!...supposedly he may have smoked weed?? This is absolutely shocking that a college kid might have smoked some weed.
  15. We Support Mediocrity

    I just don't understand what we are supposed to believe now? Was he contacted by Oklahoma or was it all just a bunch of bull. Scout board praised him for being contacted by Oregon/Tennessee, but this rumor that had much more legs is just bull#$%&@! to them. IIRC we didn't know about Oregon/Tennessee until Tate threw it in that article a couple of days ago to show that Weber was wanted so that mean he must be kind of good.