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  1. The economy and attendance

    You may want to take this crap to another forum.
  2. tickets

    Got mine. last week or before---I don't remember offhand.
  3. "Weber needs to win"

    I wouldn't go 5 yrs and I wouldn't give him a "huge raise". You always want a coach to have 4yrs. on his contract for recruiting purposes, but you also want to be able to buy him out if you have to. One exceptional year out of every five or six doesn't warrant anything more. As far as the football program is concerned, it's probably more the uncertainty concerning the future of the assts.(especially Petrino)than Zook---if that is even the reason we're missing on some kids. What happens this fall can change a lot of kids minds---one way or another.
  4. This. However, we should remember that Red Grange and his 5 tds against Michigan is one of the most legendary feats in the history of college football. When Grantland Rice wrote about you, you were something special. Just because we were not there to witness it doesn't make it any less "memorable" when talking about the history of Memorial Stadium.
  5. top ten plays in memorial stadium

    Not an "end around", but here it is for those interested.
  6. top ten plays in memorial stadium

    That was the loudest, wildest moment I was ever a part of in Memorial Stadium---and I've been going to games since 1960.
  7. Jason Ford

    I thought we would see more of him Sat.---maybe he was dinged up a little or maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention. I know he had a reception but I thought his carries were limited. You have to be deep at RB---a couple injuries and the offense becomes one dimensional---And we don't want that. If we get the nagging injuries(and the off field problem) cleared up we should be in pretty good shape. I have to admit I'm anxious to see Young this fall---I've got a good feeling about him.
  8. Jason Ford

    If Ford is healthy it's his job to lose, which could happen if he doesn't get serious. Good Frosh coming in and Pollard will get some carries.
  9. Jason Ford

    Taking a seat? And what do you base that on---driving with a suspended license? He'll get some form of "punishment", but unless there is something else other than the above I don't believe Zook will sit his #1 option at rb down.
  10. Another great move by Guenther

    Of all the years I've been going to Illini football games, the Mike White era was by far the most fun. White was charismatic and a real salesman for the program, but don't forget Neale Stoner was the guy that got the ball rolling. They promoted the hell out of Illini football. If you didn't have fun at games then you weren't trying very hard. The tailgating back then was incredible. (As was the attendance) They both had their problems, of which I am fully aware, but they both knew how to sell a program. I was hoping to see something close to that again, but I doubt if it will happen in my lifetime.
  11. Illinois at Western Michigan in 2016

    I'm not worried about it. I'm confident the new AD will fix nonsense like this.
  12. Richmond gone

    My sentiments exactly.
  13. Finals

    As Stevens said at the end of the half, both teams play hard and guard. Which is something we aren't used to seeing.
  14. Could Weber make Missouri's list of candidates?

    Living in this area(about 40 min. drive to the arch in St. Louis) I know more Mizzou fans than most Illini should have to tolerate. They all want Weber to stay at Illinois---for as long as possible.
  15. final four thread

    Yeah, it would get awful boring watching your team go to back to back title games.