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  1. Starks question

    can he play this year (2013-2014)? or do we not know yet.
  2. why was Allen given that flag before half, then get DQ'd

    They never said a word about it on the broadcast, I only know because I was at the game and heard the announcement.
  3. The refs threw a flag on WMU for a false start, but the ref ruled that it was not a foul because "they couldnt hear the snap count because the band was playing" and they picked up the flag and didnt penalize them.
  4. does anyone know what Allen did to get DQ'd just before half, I was at the game and have no clue what happened. I just watched it on my DVR, and they only said he was flagged, not what he did or why he was thrown out.
  5. Weber's prevent offense

    I hate our panic at the end of games. 1. our seniors are scared and can't make plays when it counts 2. weber has us run a prevent offense that sucks the life out of the team and we never score late. 3. Tisdale SUCKS!!!!!
  6. OK, funny guys - Prediction Time

    ILLINI 79 WM 64 BP3 11
  7. BP3 Dunk

    does anyone have a link to video from Bp3's dunk over carlton fay, I keep reading about it but I didnt get to see it.
  8. Killer Instinct

    I disagree that his spin move was a travel or carry or that anything was wrong with it. His hand was above the ball throughout the move. I would never and have never seen that called a travel or carry in any pickup game, unless of course you got the 40 year old baller working his old school magic who decides he knows bball better than everyone else. Overall I am happy with a good solid win, and a definite improvement from exibition.
  9. Mike Shaw to Illinois

    not to pick nits but that is the post count for this particular thread. as for getting shaw, i think it is great and hope weber can continue to get all these highly rated kids and then make a worthy team out of them
  10. Personally I am of the opinion that MLB should reverse the call, and it would make every right.
  11. Deron

    i dont think those are orange glasses, that is a reality for many, many announcers and analysts. Deron is elite! and second to almost no one right now at point.
  12. Dear Joel Quenneville,

    I agree on all counts!
  13. Dear Joel Quenneville,

    I strongly second that!
  14. illini seat covers

    does anyone know were I can get illini seat covers for my jeep. I want orange ones, but would settle for any color.
  15. More Blackhawks Talk

    i am worried about the same thing, but i am also very concerned about many other things, they have just not looked as crisp or dominating overall as they had earlier in the season. I am relatively new to hockey, i have only been watching for the past 3-4 years so I wouldnt say I can pinpoint what I think is the exact problem.