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  1. Winnable game this weekend

    I was at the Wiisconsin game and can't help but feel we win that game with Ferg, whole new dimension to the offense. And yes I know Purdue stinks.
  2. Pregame Bowl Thread

    Hefner graduated in 1949 with a degree in psychology. He came back to Homecoming along time ago in the Playboy jet.
  3. Nova Game Thread

    I would trade Cosby and Starks for Tracy Abrams right now.
  4. Next coach of Illinois....

    I agree with the age issue and that he might not want to make the jump, but I would take 10 years of a quality program which would make it easier to find a successor. He did coach at Wisconsin and Nebraska, might want a Big Ten challenge.
  5. Next coach of Illinois....

    Vanderbilt coach Franklin might be possible. Doing well there and may want to move out of the SEC. We could go to FCS as Ohio State did with Tressell and go for Bohl at North Dakota State, two FCS championships in a row, going for three. 6-3 record against FBS teams. H e might want a new challenge.
  6. Official IU postgame

    OK I did look it up. Only losses this year with over 40% shooting at MSU 45%, Wisconsin at home 44% and at Michigan 41%. Otherwise hovering aorund 35-38.It is all about shooting % which is mostly about shot selection. Can they just play smart for a game or two in a row?
  7. Official IU postgame

    If they can just shoot over 45% for a couple of games they will be in the Sweet Sixteen. That has been the Achille's Heel all season. Defense has been mostly adequate, rebounding not so much, but I can't recall the last game they lost shooting over 45 or even 42% (too lazy to look up)
  8. Meyers Leonard

    I would just like to see us have a center with center skills. I don't want my center taking 3 pointers, I want rim rattling dunks.
  9. We can't run an inbound and can't defend one either. We are just not very smart.
  10. They just showed JJ on the bench. I don't think he has played tonight and that is a good thing. Paul and others need the time. I am glad the "experiment " is over.
  11. 17 turnovers versus the torrid Seawolves defense. Ouch
  12. I was at that game in Columbus, my only NCAA game in person. Agonizing!!
  13. I agree Paul needs to learn how to finish, but at least he is attacking the basket.
  14. How many times have we had the ball stolen right after a rebound? No awareness.
  15. I have been biting my tongue all season on this board, but we have the dumbest team I have seen in years, very poor basketball IQ.