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  1. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Forgot to add Hawk 5 Blue Jacket 2.
  2. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Goals per game took a hit tonight. Ovechkin on pace for 246 goals.
  3. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    The white collars on the home sweaters don't look good.
  4. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Hawks 10 Penguin 1. Saad the hat trick. Hartman 5 points. Kane 4 points. Syd -4. Ouch
  5. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Hawks are on pace to score 820 goals this year....
  6. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Let's get this started. I, for one, am excited by this forthcoming season.
  7. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    Saw the cops give that advice on Law & Order. Did not work out well for the kid in the second half of the episode.
  8. Anyone else getting a phishing warning?

    If only they were as diligent about that as they are in banning Truth and DC Peru alts!
  9. getting a security warning about phishing on this site...
  10. Keith Richards still not dead

    Keith bests another rocker....
  11. White sox 2017

    No, brought up the kids too early and screwed themselves out of a higher draft pick.
  12. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    That is why it is in writing. Otherwise it is an ethical violation under Illinois RPC 1.5(e): (e) A division of a fee between lawyers who are not in the same firm may be made only if: (1) the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer, or if the primary service performed by one lawyer is the referral of the client to another lawyer and each lawyer assumes joint financial responsibility for the representation; (2) the client agrees to the arrangement, including the share each lawyer will receive, and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and (3) the total fee is reasonable. Who is injured? Conceivably the client. The reason for the rule, I suspect, is that a client may have concerns how diligently the lawyer will handle the client's case if there is a fee split. I am sure that will appear in these proceedings soon enough.
  13. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    You left some important things out: 1. Lawyers pay referral fees to other lawyers as long as the client is made aware of the same, usually in a writing signed by the client (at least in Illinois - suspect that is often the case in other states as well). 2. Applicable to both issues you raise are those pesky tax forms, especially the good ole IRS Form 1099.. I imagine the shoe companies were not handing those out along with the payments.
  14. USF

    Not as funny as the Animal House zit gif, but I'm stealing that.
  15. QB MJ Rivers commits

    Hope this guy knows how to run for his life given this OL....