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  1. We'll win when Zook benches Juice. He just doesn't have the accuracy to throw the ball through the air consistently. Without that, Fresno will be stacking the box and we won't be able to run at all. It won't happen though since its senior day, so we're gonna lose this game.
  2. Best Illinois basketball games you never saw?

    I'm only 23, so the biggest and best game I remember is the '05 Illinois vs Arizona miracle comeback....Hopefully I'll have more wonderful memories.

    thank you very much...this is much appreciated
  4. Cincinatti/Illini postgame

    I forgot to mention that Dimke made all his field goals. I was surprised we made that 49 yarder at the end of the first half. Good job for that part of our ST's, but our kick coverage was atrocious. Zook needs to spend less of that power recruiting Wr's and RB's and spend a little time getting players for our defense and special teams.
  5. Cincinatti/Illini postgame

    Agree. I thought the refs were a bit biased. They should have at least looked at that one play by Fayson which I strongly believed was a TD, and they should have overturned that one handed TD catch by cincy. It did not look like he got a foot inbounds and he bobbled it a little bit bringing it down. That one late hit call where the Illini player was trying to avoid the pile also seemed a bit strange. Anybody can score on our defense, but allowing the Illini offense to score that many points on your defense is a bad sign. I really hope Cincy is nowhere near the national championship game as I think they would get killed. I hope the Cincy coach goes to Notre Dame, I think they'll suck even more than with Weis. Juice is still overthrowing a good amount of guys. Some of those drops weren't on him, but Juice's throwing ability is still really bad. I think we would have won that game with Charest in. Cincy barely put any pressure on our QB for most of that game. I think if Charest had that much time to throw the ball, we would have shredded their secondary. I think Zook needs to go, he's too unwilling to make changes because he's too loyal to inconsistent players/coaches. The co-defensive coordinators needs to go and so does our defensive scheme. Schultz needs to playcall better. When we're down by three scores, we can't keep trying to run the ball. It just takes too much time. There's so many things that's bad about this team its ridiculous.
  6. Illinois/Minny postgame

    I forgot to mention how well I thought Charest played. When Minnesota brought pressure, Charest stood strong in the pocket and made a throw. I don't want to compare apples and oranges, but Juice would have tucked the ball down and just taken a sack. I'm really hopeful about the future of this team now, we actually have a quarterback who can throw the ball in Charest instead of a running back that can sometimes throw the ball in Juice. Juice also played well today until he got hurt. If he's gonna run the ball, he needs to secure the ball better.
  7. Illinois/Minny postgame

    Pretty good game, but I'm still a bit down on our coaching. We were up by three scores and we almost let them come back to almost tie or beat us. We were in too much of a prevent defense in the second half. The special teams was horrendous. That missed field goal really screwed up our momentum. I've said it before and I'll say it again, our punt formation sucks. That three man wall isn't very effective. Why not slow them down at the line of scrimmage. We won and I'm happy, but our coaching still blows balls. This game shouldn't have been this close.
  8. Purdue Postgame

    The offesnive play calling was atrocious. It was just so predictable. It was like I was playing a game of Madden at the pro level. Run on first or second down, throw on third down.
  9. Purdue Postgame

    I didn't think Charest was that bad either. He was just never given a chance to get in a rhythm. I don't know why in the world Zook replaced him with Juice at the end of the second quarter. Here's the thing I don't understand. This season is very much over. Juice will not be here next year, so why not start developing your quarterback for next year. This leaves either McGee or Charest. Why does Zook keep going back to Juice? He needs to stop being so loyal to his players. If they aren't performning, they just aren't performing and he should make changes. He needs to quit flip flopping.
  10. OSU postgame

    Who's teaching our defense how to tackle. Almost every tackle I saw was our player putting his head down and trying to go for the huge hit with their helmet. Why are our players not keeping their heads up and using their arms to wrap up these guys? It was a disgusting performance all around.
  11. ohio state

    Juice sucks as a passer. He can't read coverages and he is horribly inaccurate with the exception of his last pass. I know, people are gonna say it's wet and slippery because of the rain, but that's bull and you know it. We need to make a change if we're gonna do anything in the second half. He just doesn't seem confident throwing the ball, and that's what the QB is supposed to do. Coaches aren't helping either.
  12. ohio state

    No, Zook should not have challenged that, nor could he have initiated one as all calls our reviewed by the booth. He was clearly out of bounds. 2 years ago in the NFL, they would have called a force out, but they got rid of the rule because it was too much of a judgment call. Ever since I've watched college football, I don't think there has been a force out rule.
  13. Looked everywhere and they're nowhere to be found. Best I could find were of last years.
  14. Help! How to subscribe to get a specific game on CBS

    If you have cable you won't be able to really do anything about what game you get. If you have satellite, in particular directv, you will be able to watch whichever game you want to watch as I believe directv might have an agreement with cbs to show multiple games at a time. I'm 99% sure that you can watch any game online through the cbssports website. I believe cbs is providing an online HD feed using the microsoft silverlight plugin(the same one used for the olympic feeds this past year) which imo provided a very nice and stable picture. But you will need somewhat of a good computer to enjoy it.
  15. Nike "Speeding in Champaign" commercial?

    thanks for the link...hoping someone would upload it eventually.