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  1. cubs 2017

    I bet. They're losing to a better team, unfortunately. The Dodgers were the one team I didn't want the Cubs to have to play in the postseason this year, because for some reason, the Cubs can't hit the Dodgers' pitching. It's not just that the Dodgers have good pitchers, the Cubs' normally patient hitters all turn into hackers against the Dodgers. They scored 11 runs against the Dodgers in 6 games in the regular season, and they're going about that same pace right now.
  2. cubs 2017

    I like Schwarber as a hitter, I think he'll eventually be a .250 guy with 40+ HR and a decent OBP if he gets a lot of AB's. His fielding is just atrocious though. As much as I like him, I wish they would have tried to trade him to an AL team last offseason when his value was high. There was some talk at the time about making him the centerpiece of a trade for Quintana. That would have made a lot of sense. Oh well. Hopefully his hitting makes up for his defense.
  3. Recruiting

    I'm not sure "I'll get back to you" qualifies as "explicit" or "solicitation." But why stop when you're on a roll, I guess.
  4. What are you drinking?

    Finally got to try Dank Meme from Triptych Brewing in Savoy. Pretty damned good stuff.
  5. Las Vegas

    Yes, but the courts don't enforce God's laws, they enforce what is written down. Except for Sharia law, I guess. I hear that all of our courts are going to be enforcing that in a couple of years. Although maybe not, thanks to Glorious Leader! Also, if we're talking about rights that are endowed by our Creator - what thing did Jesus say that made you think that he would endow you with the right to an assault rifle but not health care?
  6. Las Vegas

    True, but that's kind of like saying the best way to travel is by apparition. While technically correct, it's practically impossible.
  7. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Roethlisberger was freaking incredible to watch in college, he looked as close to a can't-miss as any guy I've ever seen. EDIT: BTW, I just looked up the 2004 draft, and that has to be one of the best ever. 15 Pro Bowlers taken in the first round, including two Super Bowl winning QBs, and one of the greatest WR's of all time. Some of the non-Pro Bowlers in the first round include guys like Lee Evans, Ben Watson, Chris Gamble, and Ahmad Carroll. Hell, even the Bears couldn't find a way to screw up their first round pick. And there were 8 undrafted Pro Bowlers in 2004.
  8. Dangerous Website

    On another note, would anyone like to buy some Canadian prescription boner pills?
  9. Las Vegas

    It's good to know that Professor Adam Winkler of the UCLA School of Law agrees with me. Like I said, I think an assault weapons ban in principle would be constitutional. They would just need to be careful to write it in a way that didn't leave it open to attack as being more broad than necessary.
  10. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    Is Hossa's skin condition real, or just an opportunity for him to "retire" without making the Blackhawks look like they were gaming the salary cap rules unfairly (which they totally were)?
  11. Las Vegas

    :hmm I don't know why you think "in the wake of Heller" was not clear to me, seeing as how the entire basis for my response was quoting directly from Heller.
  12. Las Vegas

    Assault rifles. I thought that "Congress can ban assault rifles or place magazine size restrictions" was sufficiently clear. The only problem would be coming up with a definition of "assault rifle" that was precise enough that NRA lawyers couldn't find clear flaws in the language, while also not being simple to get around. Agree that no assault rifle ban is going to pass this Congress.
  13. Las Vegas

    BTW, the bump stocks that this idiot used were ostensibly designed to help disabled people shoot better. Sounds like a load of bull to me. But I'm looking forward to the debate where the Democrats suggest that maybe we should ban these contraptions that any idiot can use to turn an AR-15 into a machine gun, and the NRA response is "These liberals want to make it slightly harder for a disabled person to shoot an assault rifle! What is this, Nazi Germany?"
  14. Las Vegas

    No, it was to refute your contention that "Congress can't ban weapons." Seeing someone say something dumb while trying to be a smart a$$ is endlessly entertaining.
  15. 2017 Chicago Bears

    I never said they should have taken Watson over Trubisky. I have always been fine with the pick. What I was (and still am) not OK with was the price they paid to trade up to get him. My point is that even if Trubisky wasn't available at #3, Watson looks like he would have been just fine, and maybe better than Trubisky. I can't imagine a rookie QB performing much better than Watson has in his first few starts. I also think Watson is a better passer than he's getting credit for being. Still, I recognize that he will probably never be as effective if he loses his ability to run. Trubisky has the opportunity to be great even without his athleticism.