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  1. UGA postgame

    I would agree that Tiz got hosed on several calls but that's the way things go when you are playing thin, meek, and helpless down low...the calls tend to go the other way.
  2. UGA postgame

    I thought DMac had gotten over the "I need to win it all by myself" thing. He was playing well down the stetch, but with so many weapons on the floor why force it when it's not there. Tiz was invisible inside tonight...that does not bode well for what we may see during the B10 season. Big ups to Billy Cole tonight...he's filling his role well. We almost got away with one that we didn't deserve tonight.
  3. When you need 4 points why do you keep jacking up bad 3's???
  4. Keep pushing forward and don't look back!
  5. Finally...DMac gets one to fall :dikembe
  6. Nice defensive play by BP to take the charge. :dikembe
  7. Wow, we are not good once they get us back on our heels. We need to get this thing headed the right direction and make a run.
  8. Very odd rotation from the bench today...
  9. Tie game... Alright, let's start this one over...