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  1. So how long until people say John Groce is cheating?

    From our good friends on Phog after Black verbaled: "Wonder who got paid to get him there? Groce and the entire Illinois AD are as dirty as the day is long. Everyone knows it, so I don't really need to offer anything else on that. The more they win the dirtier they'll get as well, and the NCAA will be too afraid to do anything about it."
  2. I will laugh very hard if Quentin Snider doesn't pick Illinois

    I can't understand this line of thinking at all.If we don't get Q Snider,I'll be sick to my stomach.Honest to God,we're just bull#$%&@!ting on message boards.What matters is what happens on the basketball court..however,Boy Wonder isn't going to beat out JG head to head,so..... I was worried about izzo,but not Alford.
  3. Groce to visit Snider tomorrow

    I'd like to see this tweeted... This guy http://www.bruinsnation.com/ucla_basketball/2013/4/2/4176324/UCLA-steve-alford-pierre-pierce-Iowa-press-conference http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/01/steve-alford-jonathan-tav_n_480761.html or this guy:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc-cvBI69Ow Be even nicer if the parents saw it...
  4. You make as much being a Wal-Mart greeter as you do playing in the D League.I never realized how pathetic the salaries were.
  5. Jamal Walker Suspended

    What a huge load of crap:They suspend a guy,yet change the ruling because it was so obviously wrong.Like to see him get an immediate raise.Good for him.It shows he gives a s--t,unlike the most popular guy we have ever had here.Nothing more fun than getting jabbed in the tournament.I'm just wishing we'd have a chance to play Kentucky on their home court, the next time we make a deep run....or give an Arizona a chance to shoot an NCAA record 56 ft's once again.. (Lute Olson's No. 2-seeded Wildcats hit 43 of 56 free throws in advancing to their First Final Four since 1997. The free throws made and attempted both were Arizona school records and NCAA Tournament record marks. In all, six Illinois players fouled out as the Illini were tooted for 36 fouls) Contast Walker's reaction after getting poked,to Billy's reaction after seeing Lucas Johnson nearly attacked by Lute Olson and getting jabbed ,after being set up all week by Olson in the press: "I haven't been in a game when six guys fouled out," Self said. "It seems to me when you lose in the NCAA Tournament, it's usually because something screwy happens." What passion for the Illini this Self guy had.If that happened to one of his KU teams he'd have been suspended for the next year,after ripping out an official's throat and pounding Olson to a pulp ,with a clipboard. Had to make the kids feel good when Walker stood up for them after getting robbed of a chance to win at the end.Brandon Paul was razzed by the Miami players he became friends with, (during the summer camp) ,about what a terrible call it was.
  6. Self would jump to coach in NBA?

    Just think of the millions of Illini fans who never heard a word he said,because they were just praying that one of his testicles would come slipping out of his shorts. :lol:
  7. Illini Preseason Top 10 rankings.....

    Agree.I think we'll be decent.Then the following year we will be damned good and that's without landing anybody else.
  8. Illini connection!

    http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/news/paul-mccamey-bringing-illinois-connection-productivity-wolves D Mac looked super tonight.BP also looked really good.
  9. BP3 and DMac both on the Twolves summer roster

    Paul kicked some ass today.Game leading scorer with 13.
  10. BP3 and DMac both on the Twolves summer roster

    He looks really good against Miami.today.You are right: he's in shape.So much slimmer than he was here.I believe he mentioned he was under 200 pounds now? He looks as good,if not better,than anybody on the court. He started today,hit his only three in the first Q and made two great passes for dunks on the fast break.Brandon came in at the end of the quarter and hit his only three attempt.
  11. Good stuff

    http://tayandj.podbean.com/2013/07/15/7152013-hour-3-brad-sturdy/ You have to love JG
  12. BP3 and DMac both on the Twolves summer roster

    I'm basically brain dead....LOL. I'm taping it to watch tomorrow and following on-line.BP got four minutes of pt and scored 7 points.DM scored 13 points in 16 minutes and each time they took him out,they'd blow a huge lead.Last time they took him out they had a nice lead and then lost the game.Team was plus 15 when he was on the court.Robbie H had a heck of a game. http://www.nba.com/games/20130715/MINPHX/gameinfo.html?ls=slt
  13. BP3 and DMac both on the Twolves summer roster

    Game two: Second half right now amd DM is the leading scorer for T-Wolves with 13 points and two steals.BP has four minutes pt so far and has scored 7 points.
  14. BP3 and DMac both on the Twolves summer roster

    Game two: Second half right now amd DM is the leading scorer for T-Wolves with 13 points and two steals.BP has five minutes pt so far and has scored 10 points.
  15. Meyers article on front page of NBA.com

    I watched the game.BP actually looked really good,did some nice work in his seven minutes.