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  1. Post Game: Good Win

    Chanting "overrated" in any context is what's classless... and in this context, it also happens to be clueless. I'm glad the students were there; glad you braved the elements. But that doesn't change the fact that you made a error in judgment. Put it behind you, and do better next time.
  2. Doug Gottlieb

    Your longer-term body of work is more of what I'm responding to. And anyway, I've been bringing (or leaving) message board comments at my own discretion for quite a while now. I don't intend to do otherwise, regardless of your suggestion.
  3. Doug Gottlieb

    Two teams that are more talented, top to bottom? Not likely. This Illinois squad is deep - very deep. I'm not sure when Illinois last had this much talent by volume... not '04-05... not during the Peoria Manual period... and maybe not even '88-89. What's not clear yet is whether all that talent can fall into place, develop into a single unit, and perform up to its potential consistently. Pretty much everything has to go right for that to happen - and considering recent history, it's understandable why there might be skeptics. I have no idea yet what to expect of this team against top competition. But whatever challenges they may encounter, being able to match up talent-for-talent won't be one of them.
  4. Doug Gottlieb

  5. Not really basketball but...

    The Chief certainly managed to become a divisive issue, but the suggestion that it's racist has always been frivolous. At most, one might make a case that it was culturally insensitive - but even that's a stretch. There's real, actual racism out there in the world. Equating the Chief with that is absurd and undermines the impact of claiming racism even in circumstances where it's accurate.
  6. Rivals on Richmond

  7. Could Jerrance Howard Replace Jimmy Collins at UIC?

    I think it's unlikely - not impossible, but unlikely - that the head coaching job at Illinois will be opening up in 3-5 years.
  8. ESPN's 2011 top 100

    Based on his public statements, Illinois seems to be an afterthought at best.
  9. Final 2010 Scout Top 100

    Yep, plus he's confident and has a just a bit of a bad-ass streak to him. I'm really looking forward to watching this kid play.
  10. When is the last time we have had a coach

    No more ironic than the anti-Weber crowd demonizing for the man for several years for poor recruiting - but now shifting the argument to on-the-court results. There's been opportunism and shifting arguments on both sides. But your continual focus on one side's inconsistencies - while avoiding the other's - says everything we need to know (everything we already knew) about your high-minded commitment to intellectual honesty.
  11. Meyers Leonard

    You do realize he had very limited minutes, too... right?
  12. Meyers Leonard Nike Hoop Summit

    True, but he was in good company: Kanter schooled Sullinger more than once, too. That aside, Sullinger's a beast of an 18-year-old - he's going to give the entire league fits next year... and I hate to think of the abuse he's going to be able to dole out to Tisdale. Back to Meyers: those two/three defensive sets notwithstanding, he played very solid 'D' his first stretch in the game... forced his man into a bad shot or two. And of course, that highlight reel block not even 5 seconds after taking the floor. This kid is definitely good, and I love his confidence. No question in my mind he belonged out there with those guys.
  13. Choices Choices Choices

    By definition, Bruce wouldn't have had recruiting woes in the first place had Scheyer and a couple others come here. And by the same logic (which I would have thought was inescapable), had Scheyer and a couple others chosen Illinois, there's a reasonable likelihood their college careers could have taken similar paths, meaning they could have wound up equally happy with their individual and collective decisions.
  14. I'm guessing-"He Gone"

    And Brandon Paul (at least initially) and Tyler Griffey (for a stretch), too. (And can anyone seriously imagine Weber not starting Dee and Deron their freshman years exactly the way Self did?) This argument is just another silly one levelled by the anti-Weber crowd. Ranks right up there with "His voice is whiney" and "He (uniquely among college coaches) acts out along the sideline". There are legit criticims of Bruce Weber. These are not among them.
  15. Unless Tom Izzo and the pro-Weber crowd share a single, common psyche, it's impossible for this to be an example of cognitive dissonance. (And even then, the pro-Weber crowd would have to be uniformly anti-Self at the same time.) Instead of trying to twist this into evidence supporting what I assume is your own anti-Weber position, you'd probably be better off simply stating that Izzo seems to disagree with people who think Self's a bad coach... and it leave it at that.