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  1. Really? Did I miss something? Illinois went to the Rose Bowl this past year? Actually they did not. They went to the.....................ummmmm......................well, they did not go to a bowl this past year.
  2. Weatherspoon's Twitter

    As well as he and the Tigers should. They own Illinois. Even though the claim can be made that they are completely reloading on offense, they will still score 40+ against the Illini defense, and Illinois will lose yet agqain.
  3. I heart Chester Frazier...

    While I don't agree with what ILMAN's stance on CF, I do concur with the notion of, "And opposing/differing views are what a MB is all about."
  4. I officiallyi want Lou Pinella to be fired.

    .300 hitter in college. Hitting .200 right now, and he shows that he can handle the bat. In his outing vs. Pittsburgh, he was robbed of a double by the 1st baseman on a rockeet shot. If the Cubs have to stoop to having pitchers pinch hit, I would have Z first, Harden second.
  5. I officiallyi want Lou Pinella to be fired.

    I don't want Hendry fired, I wish he would just drop dead like Billy Mays.
  6. The 'great' Ross "Cy Young" Ohelendorf throws a gem vs. the Cubs tonight. I could maybe understand it better if the guy had an ERA, but going into tonight' game, his ERA was in the 4.80 range. Instead, he looked like Tim Lincecum out there. As for Pinella: 1) The Cubs could not hit. Trailing 2-0, you allow Ted Lilly to leadoff the 6th inning. This is not Rich Harden or Carlos Zambrano with a bat. Ted Lilly is not a hitter, yet you give up the out to keep him in a game trailing 2-0. Why? 2) On 2 separate occassions tonight, the Pirates had a runner at 2nd, 1st base open, 2 out, and Cubs kiler Freddie Sanchez up to the plate. This is the same F.S. that had hits in his first 6 at bats vs. the Cubs last month. Instead of walking him, you pitch to him. In both situations, he gets a base hit and RBI. 1-0 becomes 3-0. As for the players on this team, please go to hell. You can not hit Ross Oehlendorf? Are you kidding me? How about the 7th (or was it the 8th????)? 2nd and 3rd, NO ONE FU***NG OUT, and the 1, 2, and 3 hitters up. They can not plate even one stinking run here. Not one run. A $138 million EFFING payroll, and that wonderous .228 batting average with RISP rears its ugly head. How can you not get the ball into play? Soriano and FUUUUCKudome combine for about $27 million in payroll this year alone, and they both K. Sad when your hope for an enjoyable evening rests on the Giants and Mets taking care of business.
  7. Frank Williams arrested on drug charges

    How many bags of potato chips typically go with 78 grams. Sorry, I could not resist. :cuss
  8. Ranking of major leaguers named Gregg

    There is one Gregg that I wished would have been on the Air France plane. He would be the alleged reliever of the Cubs. Perhaps then he could have relieved us Cubs fans of the suffering, knowing that he is a major league smoke.
  9. Has there ever been a bigger collection of losers on a Cubs team, since perhaps that mid-1990's team that started out -16 9 (or whatever it was)????
  10. No Job Growth until 2010???

    Holy sheeeeatt. TJ Wheeler and I agree on something. TJ, the reward for no job growth is inflation..................................first. Enjoy!!!!

    They get outplayed by a Cardinals team that, besides Pujols, is made up of retreads and hacks that should never be anything. Yet, all they do is win games and threaten the playoffs each year. Now, they are 8-3, and the Cubs are what, 5-4? Yeah, it is early. Blah blah blah blah. Cardinals played with a nice mix and match of small and long ball, and the Cubs just wanted to play catch up all day. Time for Zambrano to come out tomorrow and lay a total turd. With the EFFFFFFING agony that this causes me, with my luck, come Sunday night, the Cardinals will be 11-3, and the Cubs will be 5-7. With any luck, perhaps Z can get Pujols right on the elbow so that thing explodes like confetti.
  12. The following is something I put together earlier this morning that will tell you everything you need to know about the Illini come tourney time: 1983: # 7 seed Illini lose to # 10 seed Utah., 52-49 1984: # 2 seed Illini lose to # 1 seed Kentucky (HOSED in that game, mind you), 54-51 1985: # 3 seed Illini lose to # 2 seed Georgia Tech, 61-53 1986: # 4 seed Illini lose to # 5 seed Alabama, 58-56 1987: # 3 seed Illini lose to # 14 seed Austin Peay, 68-67 1988: # 3 seed Illini lose to # 6 seed Villanova, 66-63 1989: # 1 seed Illini lose to # 3 seed Michigan (Final 4), 83-81 1990: # 5 seed Illini lose to # 12 seed Dayton, 88-86 1993: # 6 seed Illini lose to # 3 seed Vanderbilt, 85-68 1994: # 8 seed Georgetown lose to # 9 seed Georgetown, 84-77 1995: # 11 seed Illini lose to # 6 seed Tulsa, 68-62 1997: # 6 seed Illini lose to # 14 seed Tennessee-Chattanooga, 75-63 1998: # 5 seed Illini lose to # 4 seed Maryland, 67-61 2000: # 4 seed Illini lose to # 5 seed Florida, 93-76 2001: # 1 seed Illini lose to # 2 seed Arizona, 87-81 2002: # 4 seed Illini lose to # 1 seed Kansas, 73-69 2003: # 4 seed Illini lose to # 5 seed Notre Dame, 68-60 2004: # 5 seed Illini lose to # 1 seed Duke, 72-62 ************** 2005: # 1 seed Illini lose to # 1 seed North Carolina, 75-70 (National Championship game) 2006: # 4 seed Illini lose to # 5 seed Washington, 67-64 2007: # 12 seed Illini lose to # 5 seed, 54-52 2009: # 5 seed Illini lose to # 12 seed Western Kentucky, 76-72 Just look at the number of times Illinois got knocked out of the tourney by a team seeded lower that they. Staggering. Austin Peay, Villanova, Dayton, Tennessee-Chattanooga, and now Western Kentucky. *************** What makes this beyond sickening is that, during these 27 years, Illinois has only one time beaten a team that was ranked higher than they- 2004, when they beat # 4 Cincinnati. I may be wrong here, but I believe what I have looked into confirms this. Definition of underachieving? The University of Illinois Men’s Basketball Program.
  13. Postgame

    Ahhhhhhh yes................................just saw the replay of Mike Davis taunting the Penn State player on the dunk. Great move Mike!!!!!! Look like a horses ass right now for that. Little hint. You are on the road. Celebrate after the game. Hey, on top of it, try hitting 2 FT's to perhaps force a 3 pointer by Penn State, just to hope and pray for overtime. It will all be over in no more than 17 days. I can not wait.
  14. Postgame

    Have not done it yet this year, but I have just emailed the coaching staff for yet another fine performance against Penn State. I wonder if Weber is done blowing DeChelis yet? Just looking forward to 2-3 weeks from now, when it will all be over.
  15. Sparty Postgame

    Sorry, but for as good a year that Weber and the team have had, DeChelis gets my vote ahead of Bruce. He took his team into Michigan State and Illinois and won.