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  1. Mikyle Mcintosh

    We could use him.
  2. Mark Alstork highlight video

    Lol, These guys haven't even had a couple practices together with their new coach, and you have already figured out how much playing time their are going to get? Maybe we should wait and see what the new head coach has in mind.
  3. Mark Alstork Transfer

    I third that.
  4. JCL

    What makes you say that? He has been here 2 years and we haven't won a thing. Sorry but in 2 years he should be proving himself by now. This head coach might expect more from players on court game then the previous coach.
  5. DJ Williams to transfer

    Not quite. Left out lack of coaching.
  6. State basketball tourney

    I would love to see it back in Champaign, but the city needs to prove that it really wants it back. You ran it off with the price gouging. Now you need to win it back with some creative price breaks.
  7. Mark Alstork Transfer

    Good to see someone else who understands Blacks game. I have been saying for quite a while now, the guy is a 5. You can not use height alone to slot a player. He is not tall enough to be an ideal center, but that is about the only spot on the floor for his lack of ball handling.
  8. The Tilmon Saga Part 5 or whatever

    Don't know about amazing, but it sure would be funny, Lol.
  9. Obadiah Toppin

    You always want the best players you can get. I hope better coaching can make the players we got a better team. Might be asking for to much, we will see.
  10. Most won't be able to post in here then, if they can't talk about weird beer, and or, weirder music. It looks to me like Underwood gets it. You need players that can play basketball, and not just guys that can kiss the coaches butt to get playing time.
  11. The Tilmon Saga Part 5 or whatever

    It kind a looks to me like, Missouri gave his dad some money to convince him to go there, but the kid really wants to go elsewhere. The old man might of put himself in a bind. That's a shame.
  12. 2017-2018 Starting Lineup

    Exactly this. If he was these things, Groce would still be the coach at Illinois.
  13. Mark Smith

    Smith yes. I would take him before the other 2. Tilmon would be nice to have though.
  14. Mark Smith

    Great News, and he seems like a real good kid. Come on back Tillmon where you will fit right in. We have a coach that plays a fun brand of basketball by all indications. Come and have some fun, and win some games, for a very good fan base.
  15. Mark Smith

    Thanks for that English report Mrs. Hardcastle. If you feel the need to correct all my writing and spelling errors, your going stay very busy. You might want to do what most have figured out, and just ignore.