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  1. John Groce embarrasses soldiers at Street Jam

    Lighten up Francis! I served during the first Gulf War, and this is just fine by me. There's nothing insulting about the uniform of the Armed Forces.
  2. So I read a post on EMAW where the poster claims.....

    What he did and said in the press conference following the Purdue loss should have disqualified him from ever coaching again.
  3. Quality Wins (according to Sagarin)

    Thanks for the clarification. For some reason I was only thinking in terms of AP/Coaches top 25.
  4. Quality Wins (according to Sagarin)

    Not to gripe, but pretty sure that Gonzaga is not 1-0 vs top 25
  5. Put the candidates into categories

    Who is Buzz Miller?
  6. Bardo on Sportstalk

    Weber is not doing things "the right way", because that would mean we were winning, not just being NCAA compliant. Good coaches win too. 99% are already NCAA compliant.
  7. Give Credit to Weber for one thing

    This thread has at least brought a smile to everyone that's taken a look at it. Funny, good clean humor.
  8. Give Credit to Weber for one thing

    I really laughed when I read this....good one!
  9. Thank You Bruce

    This is really not the time for this thread...holy crap.
  10. Another Post Game loser Thread

    The post game presser bordered on unethical. That was beyond classless.
  11. Sammy for Three

    This isn't Sam's fault. The kid is playing his heart out. This is his last year, do you think he doesn't want to play? He's trying his best, but he's not in a fair fight. Weber should never put him into a situation like he continues to do over and over.
  12. MSU I thought it was the cramps.....