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  1. NCAA tournament Expansion

    Yeah. God forbid actually winning the games on the floor mean something. Let's anoint the champion that should be if they are given enough chances.
  2. This is the way you do it, Guenther...

    That Wake Forest situation is puzzling to say the least. Definitely not the way to go about it IMO.
  3. Illini Football season tickets: Who's renewing?

    I'm in this boat too. Though not as big a boat. Started season tickets in 2000 when I moved back to Illinois. Hate to lose the priority points. I can't make it to all the games but, have been able to sell at least at face value the last couple of years. This year might be a little tougher.
  4. Final-4

    It is almost eery how calm Stevens is and how his team responds under pressure.
  5. I'm guessing-"He Gone"

    I'm not sure if Stan Smith will be good enough to play ever but, would be nice to have some seniors around when we have good underclassmen. Though the highly ranked recruits can come in and contribute in their first year or two, seniors add some stability and depth even if they may be less talented.
  6. Final-4

    As I recall 1983, North Carolina St should not have won their 1st rd game much less be in the championship game. Pepperdine and Jim Harrick had them down 6 with about a minute to go and lost by 2 (there was no 3 point shot or shot clock that year). I believe NC St also had a couple of other 1 pointers to get to that point. Houston on the other hand was Phi Slamma Jamma. Had just beaten Louisville in one of the most athletic basketball contests you could ever see. But, NC St. pulled it out in the championship just like they had been the whole tournament. Amazing. Anyway... I do see some similarity with this year. Butler the team that has been pulling close games out but, isn't supposed to be here. Duke had a very impressive semi-final shooting display vs a very good West Virginia team. We'll see if it plays out the same.
  7. You know what's funny

    I don't know... I have a hard time getting worried about any of those reasons. When we can't beat a Bradley team that ends up barely over .500 in any setting, it is probably a sign that we have some problems with our play on the court. Not a sign of bad scheduling. With the recent success of mid majors in the tournament I would think they mostly have higher aspirations than beating the main state school. Of course someone has to actually make the tournament first.
  8. Final-4

    In the vein of North Carolina St vs Houston maybe?
  9. You know what's funny

    I still don't get what makes out of state mid major ok but, in state mid major bad. Illinois college basketball (as a state) stinks right now. No in state teams in the NCAA tournament this year. Didn't that also happen just a couple of years ago? It isn't for lack of good players growing up in Illinois. They are all over the rosters of NCAA tournament teams this year. I don't know if our scheduling in state opponents would help this problem but, surely it couldn't hurt.
  10. Dear Mark Tupper

    Aside from the work that McClain mentioned that each individual needed, what I would like to see from this team is more heart. Play like it matters to them. That seemed to be missing this year to me. I think Richmond helps this just by joining the team. The few of his games that I saw he seemed to have that want to win quality. Hopefully with his ability he can push some others to that too. Would also like to see Weber look like he believes in the team/players. Doesn't mean he can't or shouldn't yell at them but, watching him I get the sense he doesn't believe in them and I think it shows in their play. His frustration seems to come through destructively more than constructively. For example look at Izzo... he gets in players faces, yells, shows emotion, etc. as much as anyone. The thing that I think sets him apart is that he believes in his players. He believes they will make the next play and I think the confidence players get from gets results.
  11. Random NCAA Tourney Thoughts

    Is Cornell really that good or did Wisconsin (and Temple) just play that bad on defense? For the part of the game I saw today it seemed like Cornell could not miss. Kentucky certainly seems to be rolling. Though I did get some pleasure from seeing KU go down I would rather the Jayhawks win it all than Kentucky. Just not sure who is going to beat them at this point. Syracuse was also impressive though. Hats off to Michigan St and Purdue today. Great wins by them considering they are shorthanded. Purdue really gutted it out. I thought they were dead about midway through the 2nd half. I went away for a couple of minutes and when I came back they were back in the game only down 5 and with the ball. I thought Green made a pretty heady play for Mich St in bringing the ball all the way up court with time running out rather than waiting to try and get it to a guard that was going to be pressured more anyway. Sucks for Illinois not to be part of it but, found myself cheering hard for all the Big Ten teams.
  12. Sunday Games

    I thought it was supposed to stop after a made basket in the last 2 minutes. Might be only the last minute.
  13. Unprecedented?

    A&M and....... ? Edit: Sam Houston? Not sure where they are.
  14. Evan Turner's Recruitment

    Didn't Rose come off the bench at Memphis starting the season?? Later he started but, I don't think he did immediately. Obviously they had a loaded team.
  15. I think Jay Bilas put it best...

    I understand what Bilas was saying in regards to who could win a national championship but, he is dead wrong about it not mattering. It is what makes the tournament such a success in the first place. All of these teams having a chance is why he has a job announcing. Would it be so popular if only the top 8 were allowed in?? Hell no! The argument about all the teams in and out is part of the spectacle.