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  1. Clemson beats UNC...

    I can see the headline now, "Clemson beats UNC, Heels move up to 11th in the polls". :doh
  2. what did Bob Knight say about Henson?

    He got bent over the Lowell Hamilton recruitment and snapped on Lou. :cuss
  3. Big Ten Network Archive

    Once you've paid for a game, are the archived game replays free?
  4. Um, Lenzelle Smith was the kid we would have tried to make room for. Not Anthony Johnson. This 2010 class was locked up very early on. Painter has taken some kids out of Illinois and will continue to do so as do many Big 10 schools. Illinois only had 3 rides for 2010. To say we are worried or loosing sleep over AJ or would take him over our current commits is wrong. If it makes you feel better, yes Painter is getting kids from Illinois. Just not the ones we really wanted. So did Keady, so did Knight, so did Steve Fisher. So do Matta and Ryan and Izzo. There is a ton of talent in the state. Illinois can't get them all. There is only so much room. But again, Lenzelle was the miss, not AJ. :wall
  5. Mike Davis gets love from Jay Bilas

    Remember when we all went nuts because we signed a kid none of us had ever heard of? :creeper
  6. What if...

    He was the best HS player I've ever seen with the exception of Benji Wilson.
  7. Quincy Miller to visit UI

    So, three pages to find out Richmond and Head have had attitude problems in High School (as the father of a 16 year old I have never seen that out of a teenager), and no one here really knows scratch about Quincy Miller or his recruitment. OK. Carry on. :redface
  8. Time to sign Shaw and Henley!

    I think the new coach at Kentucky has his eyes on some other big time recruits who are backing out of verbals to Memphis. How much room will Kentucky have and how much available playing time? This could end up helping us with Shaw. I don't know enough about Henley but if he has acedemic issues that's not good. Lots of talent in that class. We'll get good players, just maybe not the ones we think. Abrahms was a pipe dream for us six months ago. Funny things happen in recruiting on the way to signing day.
  9. Verdell Jones III

    Good Lord, not this again.
  10. Donovine Stewart?

    I believe that ship has sailed.
  11. Let's have a really big second half!
  12. Who here is an alum and who's not?

    My wife and my money went to UI. 1989 grad.
  13. DeLaSalle......Shaw

    Shaw has had an Illini offer for some time now. :lol:
  14. Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy's wife files lawsuit

    Cobwebs in a certain area. :lol: