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  1. NU post game

    Also now we are 0-1 in the all important last 10 games that the committee looks at. I believe we were what 3-7 last year, something to consider. Because loosing all of these road games which i think everyone believes we will do will make it very interesting again on selection sunday
  2. NU post game

    Most of the success was against non - conf teams and before we lost 4 out of 5 games and our star point guard went into the tank
  3. NU post game

    You do realize we were a top 15 team in the country to start the season and every game seem to be getting worse and less confident
  4. NU post game

    game was won in the first minutes of each half 15-5 in the first 5 min of game and 18-12 first 8 min of the 2nd half once we got going we pretty much dominated the game guard play as been the difference the last 4 games when you let guys that are 5'8'' control the game like hulls and "juice" did you are going to loose a lot of games to mid major caliber teams
  5. Indiana Postgame Thread

    I am really hoping that the high point of the season didnt not come with 11 minutes to play against Ohio St, because since that point this has been a different team, almost like deer in headlights
  6. Indiana Postgame Thread

    No movement, no half court offense, not one solid screen the entire night (until Tisdales illegal screen at mid court) letting a 5'5 guy drive down the lane and get 8 points in the paint in the second half. I agree with whomever said it that this loss worse than the UIC game, becuase we've been shocked twice and no learning lessons just the same.
  7. Bruce Weber's Game Management

    Another game where in the second half we used no bench players the same old crap seniors getting every minute, lets face it they are losers!!! and their record reflects it
  8. Coe Chooses Iowa

    Did I miss something about Leshoure?
  9. IL At Missouri Hoops

    How are you at a "Cross Roads" at 10-2 Losses are by 6 and 3 and you have played probably the most difficult non conference schedule in the country among BCS conf schools. 18-22 yr olds come out flat it happens espcially when you have no atmosphere and that is what the United Center had. I cant wait for wed because I promise you when the lights are on you will see how good this team is. (PS not part of Webers family just sick of everyone jumping off the wagon after one loss and the beauty is after wed if we win these same people will be praising and gushing over these same players and coachs)
  10. 2011 Season - 8 Home Games? - Cost increase?!

    Do you actually believe they are just going to give you that extra game at no additional cost? Giving away tickets to a game doesnt pay those inflated salaries in the Athletic Department
  11. Duke's Kyrie Irving could be out for the season

    agreed its all about the path and the matchups with your roster in the Tourney
  12. Oakland Postgame

    Until they travel to Mich St Friday night for a beating
  13. The Definitive Case Against Ron Guenther

    No they are some of the best facilities, but when you are working with the type of budget this clown is working the facilities should be second to none. I just dont see how you can get us in a game where there is maybe 30k fans and the field is some of the worst conditions I have ever seen. I have not looked at the injury report, but we had to have lost 3 starters due to the conditions?
  14. Texas Bowl

    Look at the last two bowl games we were in we sold our allotment, granted those were BCS bowls. I would argue that Illinois would come cloose to selling the same amount of bowl tickets as Michigan and Penn St this year in a FL bowl, but we bring the Chicago Market to the TV sets and sponsors love that! (Probably drinking way to much of the kool aid/or living in the south and really want to go the game)
  15. Minnesota L cost us Outback or Gator Bowl

    I still think it is complete BS that 2 teams that finished behind (we own tie breaker over PSU) us is going to get to a New Years Day Bowl and we go to play in a bowl in front of about 30k fans. I will still take the bowl game over what I thought this team would be, but why even have the distinction of bowls getting the 3rd place team and so on if they are not going to follow it???