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  1. Unbalanced classes?

    Didn't HRF leave with one year of eligibility remaining?
  2. Post Game Beers With Zook

    I have some prime real-estate in Florida which I can sell at a great price. Also a bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, very cheap. If interested send a message to my inbox.
  3. Worst Illinois coach in your time?

    Moleface, hands down. He had a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We called it the Moeller factor. Arguing on the phone with his assistants while the game clock ran out. Calling a naked bootleg at the goal line on the final play of the game, losing the game and blowing up our only decent QB so bad that the next week we played a TE at QB. Before Moeller we hovered at or just below .500, then he took us to the bottom. Zook is more than frustrating but he's no Moeller.
  4. What happens if...

    I hear you, but I was glad to see that carpetbagger move on. I had it with him when he agreed with Bo that we were wrong to fire Moleface when we did.
  5. My Biggest Concern With This Team

    I think Kitna played here a few years before Jay Lyman.
  6. Most overrated Illini RB of all time?

    Rich Weiss got hurt, separated shoulder IIRC, missed a lot of playing time, and wasn't the same after that. Then Mike White came, and Weiss did not fit his plans at QB. I believe Wayne Strader came in about the same time as Weiss. Strader was a highly regarded RB recruit who also got hurt (neck?) I don't count either of these guys as over-rated but both were big prospects who were affected by injury.
  7. Josh Brent in Champaign County Jail..

    From the story: "an Illinois State trooper"......um, is that an officer from the school in Normal? "credit for good time"....is that the right way to say that?
  8. More Apolitics: Favorite One Line Quotes from Favorite Movies

    Hump? What hump?
  9. Man Falls from Balcony on Fourth Street

    Panama Red's! Saturday night: Appaloosa
  10. Top 5 Interstates in Illinois

    And don't forget I-180 to Hennepin!
  11. Octomom gets million dollar porn offer...

    just a thought I guess this title is already taken
  12. Who here is an alum and who's not?

    Class of '82
  13. I'm a fan of US Navy battleships sunk in other nations' harbors.
  14. Illinois picks offensive coordinator

    Sounds like Coach Schultz will be well-received here. Good to know our fans won't act like those TCU fans. From the moderator on TCU's message board:
  15. After fumbling the handoff exchange the first two plays, hopefully I could make it to the sideline on my own power, and have a seat on one of those heated benches for the rest of the day.