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  1. how long until basketball season?

    I always know when practice starts because it is always right around my birthday.
  2. What a difference 24 months make

    Ouch! That is about as low as it can go.
  3. Game Times

    They are still working on them. We will be lucky to get a complete schedule tomorrow.
  4. Official Bracket Selection Show Thread

    I predicted this team was perfect for a 5 seed over on the ish. It is a fifty-fifty game whether we win or lose in the first round. Basically that is what a 5-12 game is, 50-50.
  5. Syr v UConn

    I watched a Jane Austen flick with my wife. Luckily it was over by the second overtime. Truly Awesome. I told my son this morning about the game and he asked if it would be on ESPN Classic. I told him it would probably be on before the end of the week.
  6. IlliniBoard Bracket Challenge

    Many thanks, this one and the one from ABC are the only ones I play.
  7. Caught a bit of the game last night. Man, was Payton great. I believe there is another showing today. Wasn't there a great comeback lead by Jimmy mac against the pack that season? Interesting that it wasn't the game shown.
  8. Did you hear MSU chanting "Brokeback Hummel"?

    I believe it was a "cease and desist" order. They might has been threatened with dispersal. The only reason the Izzone did not get in trouble is that Weber was not a wuss, like the coach in Iowa was. Our coach did not run to the B11 office and complain about the mean-hearted students.
  9. Watching the Utah Denver game

    This has to be the last year he is left out of the all-star game. I gave Stern a pass this year because Deron was injured early in the year. If he is left off the team next year, it is not likely he will be voted on it, It will border on criminal behavior.
  10. Illini in Happy Valley

    I just wish the game was on a weekend. I would be in Happy Valley tonight.
  11. Illini v Sparty....whaddya got?

    The officials really took over that game in the early second-half. It was a close game, tosu had just cut the lead to 2, and three absolutely brutal no calls on Purdue just changed the whole tone of the game.
  12. Snake is in the House!

    All will kneel before his grandeur. http://www.illinihq.com/news/mens_basketba...man_coming_back
  13. so i'm signed up on all kinds of GOP emailing lists

    Real glutton for punishment aren't you?
  14. Homecoming Queen a real Queen

    We just told our boys that they too could grow up to be sex objects.