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  1. Final ESPN 100 out for 2009 Class

    On top of that Dee WAS as good, probably better than Deron as a freshman. Double the amount of points, similar assist and A/TO number (with Dee actually being slightly better in both areas), a better shooting percentage, and more steals. Now maybe you'll tell me that you KNEW at that time that Deron would be the better player, and maybe you did think that. You could certainly see the potential. But the fact remains that in 2003 Dee Brown was as at least as good of a basketball player than Deron Williams, and probably a better player. That isn't a knock against Deron, its a tribute to the progress he made after 2003 and to the potential he already had in 2003. But nonetheless its hard to say the 2002 rankings were wrong when Dee actually was the better player at the time. They'd be wrong if Deron actually was the better player at the time but because it is hard to compare players from different parts of the country, playing different competition, etc, they ranked Dee better.
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Marcus Jordan commits to........

    In other news, if Anna Kourinkova marries my cousin their kids will most likely be better at tennis than my cousin, but not as good looking as Anna.
  3. Seth Davis can kiss my buttinski

    a week after doing the same thing to Louisville
  4. Well, my bracket is officially crap

    Hate to break it to you but if you were counting on Memphis your bracket was already crap... :) I did have Mizzou in the elite eight, not because I was particularly impressed with them but because I thought they had an incredibly easy draw.
  5. 15 over a 2?

    CS Northridge sure isn't intimidated (deliberate understatement). They need to stay under control but I think they're going to be in this to the end.
  6. Illini vs NC - 2005 ACC Challenge

    well, we didn't dominate the first half as it was tied at the half. And we did stretch the lead to double digits in the second half but the game was still very much in doubt with a minute and a half left when we led by 2.
  7. 28.3% of America now expects WKU to beat Illinois

    Alright, since all you people are too lazy to look up the information I wanted looked up to back up my post, I had to google it myself. What is this world coming to? Since 1985 12 seeds have beaten 5 seeds 30 out of 96 times, or 31.5% of the time. So ignoring everything but our seeding, we are actually getting slightly more respect from the general public (with 72.7% picking us) than the average 5 seed since 1985 should get (68.5%). link
  8. 28.3% of America now expects WKU to beat Illinois

    Does anyone know what percentage of 12 seeds beat 5 seeds? I wouldn't be surprised if it is near or above 28.3%. And if that is the case, then we really aren't being disrespected here in any way.
  9. The Hilltoppers

    Agree. We could not have hoped for a better matchup than we got. Not because WKU is a bad team, but because they don't matchup with us very well. Having said that, good matchup or not, we still need to play well. And we don't always do that.
  10. Im wondering about Chester...

    I think that is certainly possible, it also adds importance to our win today, showing that we can beat an NCAA tournament caliber team on a neutral court without him
  11. Zook selling his boat

    two best days of your life, day you buy your boat, day you sell your boat
  12. Ranking Lunardi (Not very good)

    I think he (and/or whoever works on espn's bracket) deserves credit for getting every team right last year. But if you're doing a mock bracket getting the teams is only part of it. It would be like it you did a mock NFL draft for the first round and you bragged that you got all the players taken in the first round correct. That would be good but all it really means is you were right about which of the 6 or 10 guys who were borderline got the last few spots in the first round. Beyond that your draft is pretty much useless unless it has the right players going to the right teams, not just the right players in it. Similarly kudos to Lunardi for getting the teams right, but until he gets the seeding better, his bracket still isn't very good.
  13. "We Beat Teams"

    I see how it could vary slightly due to who wins the opening tip/who has the ball at the end of the half/end of the game, but how would turnovers cause one team to have more possessions than another? And does an offensive rebound really start a new possession?
  14. Best Conference?

    1. ACC 2. Big Ten 3. Big East 4. Big 12 5. Pac-10 6. SEC If that looks a lot like the RPI rankings, what can I say, I'm sort of numbers guy. Plus I think the RPI is at its best when looking at as large of sample sizes as possible, and every college basketball game of the season is pretty big sample size. Certainly a lot more games than I'm able to take into account. And I will defend the Big East as number 3. They certainly have a lot of good teams, and they get credit for it. The top of the confrence is what is keeping them ahead of the Big 12. But they also have four teams (Depaul, Rutgers, South Florida, and St. John's) outside of the top 150. Even the SEC, which is rightly recognized as a truly terrible major conference, only has one such team. In fact no other major conference has more than 1 such team (although the Big 12 is close, with Colorado and then Iowa State at 147)
  15. This could be one of the best Big Ten Tournaments.

    I think it will be a great tournament as well but reading this thread with three huge games left in the conference season, I sort of want to say "Big Ten Tournament!?!?" in my best Jim Mora "Playoffs!?!" voice.