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  1. JCL

    And was hired, what, three years after his son signed, and by a different coach.
  2. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    If Pence wasn't such a jackass I'd almost feel sorry for him. He gamely goes out and tries to sell Trump's version of the Comey firing (no doubt knowing it's all nonsense) only to have Trump come out today and tell an entirely different story. He has to be getting tired of that.
  3. Akoy Agau from Georgetown

    I wouldn't count on two years. He was a year and a half at Louisville, two and half at Georgetown. He'd be appealing for a sixth year and his case doesn't look that strong to me. One year from him would be fine, though.
  4. Mark Alstork Transfer

    Since you're here, are you guys expecting to get Wagner back? Heard he might go to Europe.
  5. Mark Alstork Transfer

    Somewhat similar in efficiency, considerably lower usage rate. Rice's only real problem at Drake was poor 3 point shooting. He was much, much better than Alstork at 2 point shooting and turnover rate. He was able to maintain his shooting percentage inside the arc and his low turnover rate at Illinois, with a big jump in 3 point percentage as a senior.
  6. Mark Alstork Transfer

    Black's burned his redshirt year, can't see him giving up a year of eligibility by transferring now. I saw Alstork play a few times this year, I'd pass.
  7. The Tilmon Saga Part 5 or whatever

    Kansas was in to visit, UNC reportedly was talking to him as well. News of offers generally comes from the player. Since Tilmon isn't talking, I don't think we know who may be showing interest.
  8. Obadiah Toppin

    I assume that's a reference to Roger Powell, who started 19 games as a soph under Self.
  9. Mark Smith

    I sort of agree with that, but I think it's mostly value over replacement. I think we would be pretty good on the perimeter over the next couple of seasons with or without Smith. Tilmon is a lot better than anybody else we can put at the 5 next year and very likely the year after.
  10. Mark Smith

    All-State teams are rightly a recognition of high school performance, not ability to play at the next level. Pickett, Bruninga and others had more productive seasons than Tilmon, doesn't make them comparable college prospects.
  11. Mark Smith

    You think Tilmon is outside the top ten in state?
  12. Mark Smith

    Pickett sure, Tilmon, no.
  13. Mark Smith

    As I recall the sack of #$%&@! said it would be Illinois and an announcement no later than Wednesday, which anybody that was paying attention could have predicted by that time.
  14. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    Since you dislike Trump so much maybe you could take on this project for the board.
  15. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    Trump family history with foundations suggests she's up to the challenge.