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  1. I think in order to be dangerous we need to shoot over 50% including lots of 3s. Our high turnover rate and below average FT shooting scares me even if we have a 6-8 point lead in the closing minutes. Not sure we have the intelligence to close out a win.
  2. Yes he does. Crean should be 11th. He has the best "name" program and in his 3rd year will not even make the NIT. Bellein is also not doing much and is 10th in my book. Top 3 without Question is: 1)Izzo, 2)Matta, 3)Ryan. 4-9 is a relatively tight race. You can make arguments for and against all 6 of the coaches. Right now Painter is looking like #4, but he may be in for a long couple of seasons. Weber underachieving and showing he can't win in March. Dechellis and Carmody face big obstacles with their programs so they get my respect for being competitive.
  3. Anyone Thinking of Giving up on the Program?

    Ah yes, bad luck. Like not boxing out on shots in the last minute of games. Nothing but bad luck. Our oafish center throwing the ball out of bounds. Bad luck! Not even attempting an effiing last second shot. Bad luck! Being lazy, stupid, and just too damn nervous to try and win has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with being a choker. Weber might have something to do with this. But it's mostly the players. But Weber is 100% responsible for the players on the roster and in the game at the end. Bad luck is getting hosed by the refs. Bad luck is the other team nailing a 30+ footer for the win. Bad luck is releasing a winning shot .2 seconds too late (to some degree). Bad luck has nothing to do with this Illini team.
  4. Anyone Thinking of Giving up on the Program?

    Typically this is right, with Penn St being an example. However, with Iowa and IU being the AWFUL teams they are, if you don't win those games you will lose your first game in the NCAA tourney. If you make it. IU is an average mid major team without Jones/Creek. Your comparison to '03-'04 is not valid. That was sophomore and juniors who were just learning Weber's system. This team has 4 Senior starters that are in the 4th year of Weber's system. Completely unacceptable loss. It's too late for anything to click. The high school class of '07's legacy is going to be 1 of disapointment and choking. As is Weber's. 5 years between NCAA victories is too long. 6 years should be an immediate firing. Weber has until the end of this season to right the ship. No NCAA birth means no more Weber. I can't believe you Brumby, of all people, are excusing this pathetic loss.
  5. Illinois in Cancun tournament next November

    That field will really help our RPI. 2 300+ RPI teams, possibly a decent Richmond team (not sure who they have coming back next year), and probably a mediocre at best ISU/Rutgers team.
  6. Purdue @ Ohio State

    This whoopin' has to make some of you feel better about our chances vs. PU in Champaign. It's really a must win for us.
  7. Trib reports Wilson to enter Draft, Leshoure to follow?

    I thought Martez would stay. I don't think he'll be any earlier than a 4th rounder due to his injuries in the past. Maybe he will shine at the combine. Is there any chance Liuget will stay? I thought he was the one who would have announced first. I saw that LeShoure is supposed to be a 3rd rounder and Liuget was ranked in the 30s overall (as was Nurse) so look for those 2 to go in the early 2nd round.
  8. 2011 Season - 8 Home Games? - Cost increase?!

    If horseshoe prices go from $77 with 6 games to $109 or $119 for 8 games I have no problem with that. True, there is 1 more cupcake than normal (3 instead of 2), but OSU and scUM game single ticket prices will be $60 each. I am more worried about gas being $3.60 a gallon again.
  9. 2011 Season - 8 Home Games? - Cost increase?!

    There is definitely gouging in sporting events. And who would go to a bar and order water? That has to be one of the silliest ideas of all time. You have to order a minimum of a soft drink, beer, or appetizer.
  10. Big 10 is a Joke

    Too bad we choked vs. scUM and Minny. We probably would have been in a NYD bowl if we hadn't choke vs. 1 of them. If we hadn't choked vs. either of them we would have played vs. Florida in the Outback bowl with a 6-2 big ten record. Really disapointing finish to our season even with the bowl win. But that is what is to be expected with Zook.
  11. Hang this loss on No. 31

    Bellamy and Zook both need their IQs tested to see if they are mentally retarded. I believe Illinois could receive some sort of benefit or recognition if they scored low enough.
  12. I'm pointing the finger at you, beat writers

    Kudos to Marcus Jackson for tellling it like it was. In his News-Gazette report card, he gave the Offense a B and everything else an F. Would Bob or Tate ever have the stones to do that? Zook is a mental midget our there. His players are too (Bellamy). Someone posted a few weeks ago a question on why our fans are so bad. It is because our team is so effing bad. Year in and year out. Zook should have been canned as soon as the game ended yesterday.
  13. Our Defense sucks once again

    The defense today was as bad as any game last year. They looked like a joke out there. Maybe our coordinators and players will use this EMBARASSMENT to play better next week. Absolutely pathetic on both ends. Especially considering 1 effing hold several times would have one us the game. If you're going to accept performances like yesterday, we should have just our 2 headed bozos back there from last year. I didn't enjoy losing 53-52 last year but it was a lost season. This game had serious bowl implications tied to it and we shot ourselves in the foot to an inferior team.
  14. Our Defense sucks once again

    Can we fire Koennig? Seriously. To lose this game with so many leads is worthy of firing.
  15. Illinois vs. Michigan

    Nice deflection Hawthorne you #$%&@!ing idiot. This why fan support is locking. We are clearly the better team and our defense looks like Mallory and Disch are back coaching it.