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  1. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

    Sorry about that it's 582870. The draft is now Thurs night at 10pm. I forgot I had made a post here. Plenty of room left.
  2. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

    Leauge Name -mjd68 Password- sweetlou 7x7 Draft is now Thurs 4/15 10pm # is 582870
  3. ILL vs Wisky

    well down 9-8, nice recovery to being down 7-2. Just hang in there.
  4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports Id# 125553 Password: sweetlou
  5. Obama driving Republicans batty

  6. IF we make the tourney, is Weber a good coach?

    I'll put it this way... The program isn't in nearly as a good of shape as when he took over. No reasonable person can deny that. IF the team makes the tournament this year, it'll have been a good year for him. I like the way the team is playing and I think there's a realistic chance the NCAA's can be made. On the other hand, when he took over the question every year going in was "how far can we go in the tournament?" not "can we make the tournament?" The fact that just making the tournament is a good year now shows how far we've fallen under his watch. We need to find a way to get back to where we were before. With this latest recruiting class we signed, maybe Weber's the coach that can do that. But this is something that clearly needs to be fixed.
  7. Palin....God will show her the way

    ya can't fix stupid.
  8. when do you all think sarah palin....

  9. Begich leads Steven by 3 votes

    Leads by a Field Goal.
  10. So this is what you're reduced to now? Wow.
  11. Did Stevens win in Alaska?

    Pretty close to a lock for Stevens.
  12. INDIANA goes for OBAMA!

  13. Proud Day For Illinois

    Exactly. Just like the people that KNEW that Clinton would be voted out in '96.
  14. Congratulations to Obama - 44th President

    Yeah that was my point.
  15. Congratulations to Obama - 44th President

    Yeah. I really think he'll be a good pres. And for Illinois it's our first since Lincoln.