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  1. Lies and half-truths....

    The lead in this story has been buried here. The fact that the article states that the Matto chart was used to revive a struggling programis patently absurd. Just more proof that Weber is delusional at best, and a liar at worst.
  2. Let's Go Bill...Kick Bruth Webster's Ass!!!

    I continue to be amazed at how such a terrible coach and person can foster such loyalty among a segment of our fanbase.
  3. Jabari releases final 10. NO ILLINOIS.

    This. The Weber cult is even using this as another notch in Weber's tenure. "We knew that once a coaching change was made, our chances for landing Jabari ended." Even if they have finally seen the light, the ones who still support him publicly are too stubborn to admit that they were wrong about him.
  4. Orris to Kansas State

    Seriously. I don't know how anyone can say the "whole package was pretty good" with a straight face. One great year, 2 really good ones, one "normal" year, and 5 bad years. And that's just taking into account the on-court results. When you factor in his media gaffes, embarrassing sideline antics, and his divisive personality (including how he's completely fractured the fanbase), the total package was awful. Bruce Weber is not a high level coach. Period. I can't think of a single coach who is less of a fit for a high major job.
  5. Orris to Kansas State

    This issue didn't all of a sudden arise. Per the article, Weber put him through workouts when he arrived. But, Weber has to have a scholarship avaialble for his future pet - so the kid is cut loose. That's the issue. If this had just come up, there's no reason to criticize because I do think it's a valid reason to remove the kid from the team. Then there is the fact that Weber himself didn't tell the kid or the mother. He made someone in the athletic department do it. Ridiculously hypocritical considering how he has continued to whine about how Mike Thomas treated him.
  6. Weber just can't STFU

    Bruce Weber is a pathetic, delusional individual. This is what happens when you have a small group of fans who treat the man like a cult leader. Weber has bought into that whole narrative.
  7. Manifesto To the WFF's

    Have you come across IlliniAmy from the Loyalty board? I think she might be Megan Weber.
  8. Voice of the Illini Chat

    This. Barnhart is decent in game, but he was an absolute shill for Bruce Weber. Perhaps the ring leader of the "Bruce is a good person" camp.
  9. Fans invited to Groce intro

    Not really. OSU has more to sell now, but that certainly wasn't the case 6 years ago. OSU was very pedestrian when Matta took over. It's amazing what the right coach can do. With the right coach, the Illinois program can do what OSU has done ever the last several years.
  10. Illini Talk Radio Show?

    Don't forget about Cyrus, who calls in 3 times/week to remind us that we're not a great program. He always starts his rant as if he's having an original though. He also claims to not be an Illini fan, yet he listens to Illini-centric radio shows daily. There are some really strange people out there.
  11. Seems Tate was "Spot On Again"

    Or, he took his typical defeatist approach and it just happened to align with what happened. Tate had no insight on anything related to the pursuit of Smart.
  12. Thank you, Bruce Weber.

    This. The rubes love nothing more than telling us our place, despite the facts saying otherwise. While RG and BW clearly hurt the program more, at least I don't have to hear them everyday.
  13. Shaka Smart

    I couldn't agree more. It's almost disheartening to realize how ignorant a sizable portion of the fanbase is. It's not difficult to see what Bruce Weber is, both as a coach and as a person. And, yet, there are still people calling him great. Not good, great. It's cult-like.
  14. It never ends with this clown. And people continue to call him a good guy. :hand