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  1. Jereme Richmond

    If those guys pass for "Chicago media", then I should be considered a PGA golfer.
  2. Terry Hawthorne Punts?

  3. Romo is one good dude

    I don't know about all the people, but the girls there are pretty friendly :dance
  4. Ron Zook has to go!

    You, sir/ma'am, are an idiot.
  5. OSU fan needed info

  6. 1st Obama Presser: Insult Nancy Reagan

    In terms of Weberesque, this one doesn't even move the meter.

    About a million things, but I can't express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand it all.
  8. Postgame Thread

    Yes, them having to kick FG's had nothing to do with us whatsoever. :rolleyes
  9. Wsiky's Travis Beckum done for the year

    Then you know there is no such thing as a tibula.
  10. Wsiky's Travis Beckum done for the year

    WTF is a broken tibula?
  11. Stumbled across this little bit of trash

    Don't laugh dude. you're about two steps away from that guy.
  12. Missourah vs. Picken's State

    In honor of a teammate that had passed away. Apparently the entire team has been taking turns wearing it and this game was his turn.
  13. Penn State gameday experience

    I was at that game also. My buddy and I made it on the scoreboard screen, I was wearing an Illinois shirt while he was wearing a bright yellow Purdue shirt.
  14. Illinois @ Penn State Postgame Thread

    Dline wasn't great but much of that was PSU's Oline. It is probably the best in the conference and one of the best in the country. No real shame in losing to PSU at their place. Good to see we didn't give up, when we could have folded after the Williams KO return TD.
  15. Kyle Orton

    Kyle is the name of a Webelo scout or a T-ball shortstop, not a leader of men.