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  1. Us Olympic Flag Bearer Named

    Cosign the clappies. Great story. Be sure to read the full profile if you click over to the link. It's absolutely incredible.
  2. Kitchen Remodeling Question For The Board:

    My sister-in-law has laminate in their kitchen. It's fine. The only issue is that standing water on a laminate floor can seep in and cause it to warp or buckle. So I wouldn't personally do it--I'd go with real wood. (Plus real wood looks better than laminate.) And decent laminate approaches the price point of real wood, so you're not saving that much unless you're buying cheap, carpy laminate, in which case the wear and tear in the kitchen would be an issue, too.
  3. Who Has Mrs. Dash In Their Seasonings?

    Vivaldi has Mrs. Dash in his Four Seasonings
  4. Mccain Plans To Ban Chinese Made Toys

    We should just ban all imports. Then our trade surplus would be huge.
  5. John Mccain: I'm Barack Obama!

    We're worse off than we were four years ago.. That's why I'm in favor on continuing all the policies of the Bush administration from the past 4 years. But when Mavericky John McCain does the exact same thing, it will turn out different. Because he's magic.
  6. So I'm Reading An Article...

    I experienced some bullying in junior high, more emotional than physical--just being picked on/shunned/excluded/made fun of. And there was a bigtime class sytem of the cool kids/jocks, the nerds, the general lumpenproles, etc. Not really any once I went to a high school where everyone was nerds. There were cliques there, but not the same cleeaer status and pecking order.
  7. I Think Obama Might Make An Ok Senator

    I know this is a mug's game, but.... To answer your points: 1. More drilling will do very, very little to alleviate high gas prices, even in 10 years once the oil starts to come online. 2. Before 9/11, Clinton had put a far greater emphasis on counter-terrorism efforts than Bush did pre-9/11. Post 9/11, I see no evidence that Bush has been any "tougher" (whatever that menas--I'd rather be effective than tough) on terrorism than Gore would have been. Unless you count invading a country that had no involvement at all with anti-US terrorism but does happen to have a bunch of Arabs living there being "tough." (Which gets back to my distinction between being tough and being effective.) 3. As far as pushing for standards, etc. on schools, I assume you're talking about No Child Left Behind. Before you give Bush credit compared to the Dems for that one, you might want to check who the main Senate sponsor of the bill was. 4. Sticking with the Iraq war is a bug, not a feature, at least to me. Then again, I don't like throwing away $100+ billion/year on a failed war to be a great investment. I guess the GOP really does think politics stops at the ocean's edge--gigantic, wasteful, wildly impractical, failed government programs get their full support if they involve blowing up foreigners. 5. If you really think conservative justices have a disinterested dedication to federalism, you might want to look up assisted suicide and who voted to uphold the state law and who wanted to strike it down. Personally, I care a lot more about the balance of powers and rights between the individual and the government than I do about the balance between the feds and the states. On that score, I think the Bush admin and the war on terror have been disasterous. I also care about the balance of power between the branches of the federal government, something the Bush admin with their unitary executive philosophy has been attempting to tear down. 6. I have no idea what you're saying about foreign leaders being pro-American. So being popular with foreigners is important, now? Was this also your stance 2 weeks ago when Obama was getting huge crowds in Europe? Was this your stance in 2003 when the evil Frenchies were trying to keep us from our lawful duty of invading Iraq?
  8. Video From A Traffic Stop In Stanford Illinois

    The cleavage rout? Is that what you call a wet t-shirt competition between Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansen?
  9. I Think Obama Might Make An Ok Senator

    *He's* starting to get it right on Iraq? Is that what you call it when the President of Iraq publically endorses your position and then the President of the US and the opposing presidential nominee perform about-faces and express some support for the same approach?
  10. As long as we're bitching, this new automatic quote feature is awful, too. Pretty much makes threaded view worthless.
  11. Probably outside your purview, but it would be nice to have a link back to the forums up in the top menu bars once you've clicked over the News Gazette content in one of the sports. Right now, there' sjust a link down at the bottom of the page, which means you have to scroll all the way past everything in order to click back to the forums.
  12. I'm also getting some minor board scrolling in IE. That is, the posts are slightly wider than my screen, so I have to scroll over to see the whole text. Not sure if that's a board issue or a problem on my end, but I never had this problem on the old board.
  13. My critiques. The big ones are... ...the lack of a pfront-page threaded view option for the Deuce. IMO that really reduces the interest/usability of it as an off-topic conversational board. It can still function, but it will function very differently, and will tend to kill off playfulness and humor, because it's tougher to have conversations, and much much tougher to monitor them. The other killer problem is the lack of subject lines. That also destroys any ability to have a conversation of just to make jokes. Another problem with the sort of quick post back and forth is the way the internal post view contains the whole thread that's been replied to. So I click, and start reading and it's a post I've already read, before I get to the one I just clicked on, or else the top of the page staerts in the middle of a previous post. A decent concept but not well implemented--the post you click on should always start at the top of the screen. The new posts going to the bottom also kills long threads, since you end up having to scroll down to see any new replies. I don't care for the subtle indicaters about a post having been read. It adds to the difficulty in locating any new posts that you havne't seen before. Just on a graphic design standpoint, I find both the frontpage and the thread page to be pretty bad. Too many colors and everything is shaded one way or another. It's kind of messy, and lacks the crisp cleanness that I thought the old board had, and which was one of the old board's main strengths. I have no idea what the 17 different color codings of the briefcase things on the frontpage are, or why they exist. They certainly don't add anything. This probably also adds a small but noticeable delay in page loading times. The posting page is a mess, with buttons and links everywhere. All I want to do is type text--I don't need the full functionality of MS Frontpage. On a similar note, all the bells and whistles (like adding friends) are pretty worthless to me, but they don't hurt at all.
  14. Until Despite Gets A Password

    The 07 class is good enough to maintain a successful program, with solid players that can be built around as upperclassmen. But it was not good enough to rescue the program on its own, certainly not to bring about any sort of immediate turnaround. If we landed the equivalent to the 07 class every year we'd probably make the tournament almost every year but would very rarely be a threat to make the Final Four. It has solid players that should be productive upperclassmen, but lacks the star power that is so critical in basketball to take a collection of good players into a great team.