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  1. I'm with the other person, I hope they lose every game in every sport too.
  2. Is Illinois out of money?

    From what I heard after the ISU game, it supposedly costs $20,000 per game for the fireworks. I can't believe that, but I'm with you I miss both the fireworks and the fly overs. If they are using money as an excuse, than explain why we had both when the stadium was half full. Now there are sell outs and they tank everything.
  3. football parking notices

    We didn't get any of our choices. We are usually the first ones in the lot at 7am on the corner of Kirby and First and there is always parking when we leave for the game. We are in the back 40 acres and most likely can't even see the stadium where we have to park now.
  4. Dee Brown Appearance Next Saturday

    I believe he signed autograghs in a monsoon for several hours after the 2005 season to raise money for his trainer fot the NBA. He was supposed to be there for a few hours but stayed until everyone met him. Very nice young gentleman.
  5. Josh Brent in Champaign County Jail..

    He might have glaucoma
  6. I don't care who you are, that was funny.
  7. Josh Brent in Champaign County Jail..

    This would be his 3rd chance, why do you think he was suspended at the beginning of the year?
  8. Tailgating

    Sorry- You can't miss him, he has the giant Chief flags plus alot of little ones. Very nice set up.
  9. Tailgating

    I bought my white flag with the Chief on it a few years ago on ebay, they also had the Chief with orange and blue on each side. The guy who made it tailgates next to Kirby in the baseball field. He may have some more. Granted we are the only ones in the brown lot with one and it's our calling card, so you may confuse some of the drunker people in our group.
  10. Western Michigan/Illinois TV information

    If anything it will be on the Big Ten Network.
  11. ESPN.com on things College Football fans hate

    Ditto I hate Iowa because of Bruce Perarl, it just carried to all things Iowa.