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  1. Receivers???

    !!!!!!! gamble over james? i dont think so. c.j has so much potential and he is very eager to get back and play. he is going to play a very big role this year. watch and see.we have alot of good and skilled receivers but who are we going to be able to really rely on. we had mendenhall to depend on but hes gone we need some else and i say its gone be on the receivers and the main one is going to be c.j
  2. Receivers???

    does anyone know about the fighting illini recivers? how there doing? who will be starting? and if u had 2 say in your own order from the best to less skilled player between receivers. 1.Arrelious benn 2.alex deavy 3.Chris james 4.brian gamble 5.jeff cumberland 6.chris duvalt 7.marques wilkins 8.a.j jenkins 9.cordale scott they are all very talented but thats the order i put them in