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  1. Waterboarding stops L.A. terrorist attack (link)

    I think the evidence is highly suspect that this worked. Furthermore, even if it does work, it's wrong. Chivalry was designed a long, long time ago for a reason. When we allow ourselves to sink to this level, we are legitimizing the jihad. It's the same reason why we'd let a hostage die before we paid for their return. We don't do that - it legitimizes the hostage taking. Instead, we rescue the hostages. Our intelligence community and military needs to get better at preventing terrorist attacks WITHOUT stooping to the level of our moral-less enemy. That's the American way. Anything less and we're just terrorists ourselves, hiding behind the integrity of millions of men that came before us.
  2. how long before ms california shows up at GOP events?

    Do you keep your guns in the glove compartment or in the trunk?
  3. Is Islam really a religion of peace?

    Religion is the string attached to the dangling carrot. It's not entirely different from inner city gang recruitment. Where there are desperate people, there is almost always someone to ready to exploit the situation (and almost always for profit). Islamic jihadists, Christian Crusaders, Street Gang Leaders - they're all manipulators. Eradicate the religion? The manipulators would find something else to dangle. Eliminate the Street Gang? They'll form another one. It's a symptom of a larger problem we'll never fix.
  4. The militant gays must be stopped

    Wow. Yet another conservative that's wrong. I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Selling to Jews IS part of their core business value. It's a differentiator for them. Victoria's Secret selling women's underware IS their core business value. eHarmony's core business value is its "match making" formula. It ISN'T grounded in heterosexuality. Now, somebody earlier said that if eHarmony wanted to try and establish that the formula is only valuable to heterosexuals, then perhaps that'd be a successful defense. Of course, no judge ruled anything in this case, so that's extremely telling. But the most telling thing in this entire ordeal is the growing list of homophobes it's outed on this board. GET OUT OF OUR ONLING DATING SITE YOU MILITANT F@#S!!! You guys rule.
  5. The militant gays must be stopped

    Haha - I finally read the details. Looks like Cabana's evangelical failed him.
  6. The militant gays must be stopped

    eHarmony doesn't marry people thus no.
  7. The militant gays must be stopped

    I love Cabana Joe because he invariably is completely unable to see the other side of the slippery slope. If a court upholds a business's right to exclude gays, then where does it stop? Do bars and restaurants escort out blatantly gay couples? Businesses like Hooters and Curves are able to operate the way that they do because it is a core part of their value proposition. It wouldn't be Hooters without, well, the Hooters. Same thing applies to a lot of ethnic restaurants. I haven't read the details of this but my guess is that eHarmony simply can't prove its core value propisition involves keeping gays away. And without that, it's just discriminitory. And while I agree it's best to just boycott these types of institutions; you also don't want legislation on the book that opens the door to further issues.
  8. Winnetka Repeals Handgun Ban

    It's either fear-mongering or complete fanatical ideology that would drive someone to equate any talk of gun control with lost fundamental rights. The Constitution is malleable; it was designed that way. We've amended the damn thing time and again, including repealing of prior amendments. It's clearly a working document. We wouldn't be Americans if we didn't discuss it.
  9. Winnetka Repeals Handgun Ban

    Ok, but isn't it already eroded? We can't keep and bear ANY arm. I want to know what he thinks - should we be able to keep and bear ANY arm or does he agree with some type of control? If it's the latter, then all we're talking about is degrees of control, which I think rationale people should be able to discuss without fear-mongering about lost Constitutional rights.
  10. Winnetka Repeals Handgun Ban

    What right is being taken away?
  11. Winnetka Repeals Handgun Ban

    Local gun control is a failed idea. Federal gun control is a fabulous one.
  12. Gotta love "Change"

    How do we know they're terrorists?
  13. Gotta love "Change"

    While it seems impossible, one of these right wing morons manages to raise the bar on ignorance every week. I can't fathom what they'll say next week that'll top this.
  14. Gotta love "Change"

    And why doesn't the conservative kook fringe campaign to have us all wear trackable bracelets or implants that can paralyze us the moment we do something wrong? It'd make us all a hell of a lot safer, right?
  15. Gotta love "Change"

    Unless of course you're making sexy talk with your wife while you're on duty. But I'm guessing that's a sin or something so it's justified...