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  1. Jamar=gone

    Exactly. He's the CEO of Illinois Basketball. He selects the roster, coaches the team and is the lead spokesman. Saying that he has little control over the makeup of his own team is ridiculous.
  2. Just put a nestle toll house pie in the oven.........

    That website has crushed my soul and sapped my will to live.
  3. Jamar=gone

    Yes. That's right. It's luck.
  4. as far as the illinois basketball program is concerned...

    You don't think Jamar thought he was making poor decisions? Decisions that had an adverse affect on the program?
  5. Brumby

    Poaned. My thoughts exactly. My ROY candidate right here. DO WORK, SON!
  6. Jamar=gone

    Glad he's gone. Too bad we're going to suck this year. Again.
  7. as far as the illinois basketball program is concerned...

    Agree 100% and it's not even close.
  8. Cards vs. Racist Stereotypes

    *laughs at SF's post*
  9. My arm lump is growing.

    Anal Fissure.
  10. ESPN 890 in Boston reports Manny offered to Sox for Griffey

    did griffey lose his no-trade clause when he was dealt? This would be a ridiculous scenario.
  11. hee hee

  12. Caption this...

    The highest fallutin-est Law School in the land.
  13. Kinda awesome.

    Very cool.