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  1. Recruiting

    It's Ayo time tomorrow.
  2. Trubisky time

    I liked what I saw from Trubisky. Hopefully he learns that throwing across your body usually isn't a good idea. I don't fault him for the fumble - Leno got horribly beat there. The INT was all on him, but that's part of the learning process for him. I'd rather sit through his growing pains than watch Glennon throw 2 yard dump offs all game. Pace needs to add some upgrades on offense regardless of who the QB is though. NFL officiating continues to get worse. I kept asking myself if the Vikes added the refs to their payroll. That phantom holding call on Wheaton that took away Howard's TD run was just f*cking absurd.
  3. Trubisky time

    Just threw his first career TD pass (though it should have been intercepted and probably wasn't a wise throw). I'm not high on Kenny Loggins as a playcaller, but that call on the 2 pt conversion was pretty damn sick.
  4. Recruiting

    Ayo trims his list down to two - Us and Wake Forest. Seal this sh*t, Brad.
  5. Recruiting

    That has to be the fastest decommit ever. Lol. This means he'll just go to Va Tech now.
  6. Recruiting

    Truth gonna Truth
  7. Recruiting

    The recent recruiting misses are obviously not good. I'm not so sure Ayo is the stone cold lock that many in the fanbase believe he is.
  8. White sox 2017

    White sox are picking 4th in next years draft. Was the plan a success?
  9. You can't make this up....

    Hang a banner?
  10. Recruiting

    Tyler Currie decommits from Michigan. Freeing up a spot for Castleton I bet.
  11. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Here's another play. Remember seeing this live and losing my sh*t. That would be Kendall Wright running free down the sidelines, but Glennon throws to a triple covered Josh Bellamy instead. But receivers are never open for Glennon though, right? :doh/>
  12. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Even a candy bar is taking shots at the Bears :lol:/>
  13. 2017 Chicago Bears

    The offense rightly deserves the lions share of the criticism, but the Bears pass rush was completely invisible against a team starting 3rd string tackles on their offensive line. Not sure I'd want my starting RB with a bum shoulder out there running the ball in a 35-7 blowout, but then again I'm not John Fox.
  14. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Yeah I get the frustration, but that sh*t is uncalled for.
  15. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Trubisky time or nah? :hmm