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  1. Cornholers

    "I wish I had the other army's army." — Bruce Weber, February 2012
  2. College Football Week 1

    1-11 season may be in the works. We're in the rarefied air of Kansas football.
  3. how many wins should we expect?

    With the talent Timmah left us? Doubt it.
  4. Illinois Football Predictions?

    Key will be line play. If o-line is solid I think we'll have a decent run game with Foster, Crouch, et al. May be able to control time of possession and surprise with a couple unexpected wins. Even with that, I'd say the ceiling is 5 Ws, and I'd consider that one heck of a job given the talent/depth. That happens and I think I'll have a little optimism going into 2018.
  5. Non-con schedule announced

    Far better administrative leadership at UW during that time. Clear identities in both football and hoops. They had Alvarez at AD, we had Lord Guenther and Mikey Thomas. 20+ years of epic incompetency. Amazing we've had the small successes we've had.
  6. Jay Cutler retires

    It would be very keeping with Bears' luck that Cutler has a career renaissance in Miami, throws for about 4,700 yards and 45 touchdowns this season.
  7. Non-con schedule announced

    Can't do it. Amanda will be prepping for the Aussie Open around that time. Gotta feed the monkey, you know.
  8. Non-con schedule announced

    For this team, I'm fine with it. Likely not going to make the tourney any way you slice it. This may be a way to build some confidence with early wins rather than entering conference slate 4-9 just so we can say we played a tough schedule. We'll see what Underwood's style can do in the Big Ten. I just want to see us competitive, instead of a string of 25-30-point humiliations that happened far too often the past couple years.
  9. Among the perks listed in the contract was a 3-year supply of gas and oil so Weber can continue to mow his own lawn.
  10. Indiana - Archie Miller

    At what temperature is the strongest steel forged?
  11. Caption This

    Have you seen my new Toughness and Togetherness app? How about this video of the strongest steel being forged in the hottest fire?
  12. Brad Underwood - July Update

    Or more of a "Human Centipede"-type thing like that horror movie.
  13. Celtics and Lakers ESPN 30 for 30 series

    Agree on Carr. It appears he still has very little respect for those Lakers teams even though they beat the Celts two out of those three series in the 80s. I may be biased, though, as I hated those Celtics teams and was always annoyed by their fans who would insist during the Bulls' runs in the 90s that any of those Bird-led teams would eat MJ's squads for lunch. For one, it's all conjecture, anyway. But I have a hard time believing the Celtics' three champions of that era would mop the floor (sweep or 4-1 series win) with the 90s Bulls.
  14. Chris Holtmann gets tOSU gig

  15. Illinois to start a series with UNLV

    You usually have to pay double for that kind of action ...