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  1. Shake Milton love his game but.....

    Same goes for Jimmy Whiit damn good guard but how many do we need and I would think another point besides Juwan Evans and Brunson should be making the list of targets!
  2. With guards like KNunn and A.J. Next year plus DJwill how much is enough they will all play the 2-3 right?
  3. Illini on BTN tonight

    I got about as much joy outta seeing the ILLINI stomp Louisville as anything and listening to the announcers at the beginning of that game talk up Louisville then have to kinda recant as the ILLINI pulled away at the end. Almost as much fun as #1 Wake Forest vs ILLINI and the ILLINI STOMPING CP3 into the ground. That was a fun year, oh and one other thing that made it fun was the countdown on the season to see if they would go undefeated!
  4. Klee's Korner

    I think this could be a real good season good news on Cosby, a year of experience with Nunn, M.M., Hill also throwing in Black and Finke and five year point Starks
  5. Carlton Bragg

    The kid has talent but in this class a true point and a center to replace Egwu I would think would be more important. I mean we have Black, Paul, Finke, and Colbert. Do we need more at that position and say he does play the three, still we have Hill, Black, Williams, and Cosby. At point we have Jaylon, ..... Going forward.??? I guess one gets what he can and having double the trouble under the hoop with say a black and Bragg, Black and Paul, Paul and Colbert would be sweet then u wouldn't need a center always.
  6. Darius Paul arrested

    Agreed wholeheartly
  7. Groce is allowing toxic players into the program

    Just a big to do about nuttin and the only reason it's even news is because he is a scholarship student which means he shouldn't have been. Groce should sit him down explain if it happens again there will be consequences but seriously this is nothing.
  8. Mo Watson BU PG contacted by Groce

    Oh without a doubt I watch some full games of Tate in H.S. he has talent as a like u said pass first point, which is from this point on what this team will need, of course if he can knock down an occasional 3 or drive to the hoop to keep the opposition honest that would be a plus. All in all I like his handles love his passing, love the court sense, and he does NOT just sit out there and dribble. I also wish Egwu had soft hands like Colbert and Morgan and if those to can work on defense and strength and be sufficient and Colbert actually set a freaking pick this team will be deep on both ends. As far as 2015 goes Cosby will still be here for point issues and Groce will have another to swap with Tate.
  9. Mo Watson BU PG contacted by Groce

    One has to ask why he is still around hmmmmm, maybe because he is a good point guard, ......when he has options. At Simeon he was a very good facilitator but he had KNunn and the kid that went to Duke for a year plus DJ Williams and the like. Last year his options, Egwu who was packed in on or swarmed, Abrams who was 27% behind the arch and not big enough to drive! Ekey who missed an awful lot and Bertrand who would rather someone else shoot. Ok KNunn came later and Hill also which gave him more options but then Groce Wud have Abrams out there to keep the young bucks in line. The long and short of it is Stark is a scoring point a good one who at times will struggle with size issues, Abrams is stable and a good defender who can score at times but lacks two things u can't teach and that's court vision an court sense. Cosby as a point is doable seriously he did it before but he is more like Rice and DJ Richardson a quick pass and quick release is his game. Which brings us to Tate I won't try to make him out to be a star because he is not but he has good court vision and good court sense he see's the open man doesn't give away were the ball is going can make the exact pass u need but he needs scorers around him. This year with Rice, Cosby, Paul, KNunn, Hill, Black, and an open Egwu, he will look like he has improved drastically. Groce will settle him down, explain his role, and feed him the game plan when he gets in. All Tate has to do is get stronger, work on his shot, listen to his coach.
  10. 4th player transferring out of Butler

    New coach new ways some may not like it
  11. Expectations

    Something I'm hoping for is that Paul and his added weight make him a serious threat down low on both sides. During his short stint at WMU he was asked how he is doing so well on the boards, his response, "coach told me to just go get boards and bang so that's what I did". So hopefully with the added 30lbs this off season and this will actually be his 3rd year in college ball he will play like a junior. Also I like what the rumors are, he is the best big we have in practice he just moves everyone around fantastic rebounder and quick off the floor for put backs.
  12. Mo Watson BU PG contacted by Groce

    I second that court awareness is something u don't teach he has IT and his passing was very good. Groce will work on his defense and he will work on his shooting with his good friend Nunn. With more options offensively, like Cosby, Paul, Black, Finke, on the court he will get the ball were it needs to be. Will he be star that's to be found out let's see how much work he puts in this off season before we pass judgement. I like Abrams, but he is just not a PG, Cosby is a shooting guard, Starks will be a blessing but will have height issues, so Tate will see his time on the floor.
  13. Final 4

    How did they not call the Harrison twin grabbing his arm as he was shooting not good they even showed it on replay kinda like the phantom fouls, I guess if the official weren't trying to help UK there is no way they when.
  14. linois Offers '15 PG Nick Noskowiak

    Ok I guess I wasn't watching a lot back then forgot him.