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  1. Other games 11/15

    Your right, I stand corrected. It must be the multiple glasses of 18yr old Glen Livet I've drank!!!
  2. Other games 11/15

    Guess Brian Kelly doesn't understand when to go for 2. He blew this game for Notre Dame. Up 40 to 29 and instead of kicking extra point he goes for 2 and that is just stupid. I hate both teams with a passion, but guess there are other coaches are stupid as ours.
  3. Jalen Coleman-lands

    Went off with 42 points tonight!! Tremendous get for Illinois. If u haven't seen him play, go to YouTube and watch him. kid is gonna be real good!!!!!,

    Maybe our head coach should step in and suggest another way. Oh I forgot, He isn't the brightest. You would think after seeing these results that he might suggest trying something different.

    Then why doesn't Banks change from 5-2-4 and move to a 4-3? He should at least try it, can't be any worse than what it is now. I don't know if we have another linebacker we could add to Monheim and Neil, who would that be??? Cooper??? As far as tacking, that is a lost cause, we are halfway thru season and if they can't tackle now, they aren't going to learn it in the next 6?games. I would like to see Ward play inside and see if that helps, he always seems so active, might help.

    I agree, have u ever seen such bad tackling anywhere, let alone a big ten school. The offense is never driven back, they always fall forward and gain extra yards on every run. We must be the worse team at taking angles to catch ball carrier, see it every week. We have the worst linebackers in league by far. Just pathetic, Banks needs to be let go, doesn't look like he is teaching defense anything but to get out of opposing teams way. Never been so pissed and embarassed to be illinois fan!!!!!!!
  7. Nebraska Game Watch

    Worst tackling team ever, we are really really bad!!! Reilly is terrible, anyone who ever thought he is/was competent qb is blind and or mentally incapacitated. Absolutely terrible that Nebraska basically ran same play over and over and we still couldn't stop them
  8. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    Agree. Listen I also think Rice is a good player, I just don't think he is "team oriented". He takes way too many bad shots, shots that are not in the flow of the offense. He does rebound exceptionally well for his size, has good handles, and has excellent hands. He's an above average defender when he wants to be. He's not a very good shooter, look at his stats. I just wish he would look to make a pass when it's there instead of throwing up a shot because he can or driving into lane and throwing up a wild shot hoping he gets fouled or luckily making it. There has got to be someone open when he does that and 2or3 guys are around him.
  9. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    Wide open threes in the flow of the offense yes, 3 pointers that any player can shoot at anytime, no way. FYI, I'd rather Rice shoot 18 ft jump shots than some of the threes he throws up there, guarantee that his shooting percentage would be higher, which equates to more points.
  10. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    Wide open threes in the scheme of offense, yes, not 26ft "I'm shooting it cause I can" jacks. He could be effective driving in and taking 18 ft shots as well, he can pretty much get where he wants to at will with his big body and ball handling skills.
  11. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    He needs to not take three pointers, especially those 26ft threes he jacks up at least twice a game. Take a look at his career three point percentage, it is under 30 % for his career. If he was to work inside arc, drive to hoop and dish when no lane or pull-up is there, he would be so much more effective.
  12. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    I hope it looks better but I doubt it. I have no problem with him shooting, just make sure it is in flow of offense. He should take 7-8 shots per game, if he didn't force shots that is what he would be taking per game this year. Take a look at his field goal percentage during this season, especially during big ten season. It is abysmal. It would be much better if he would look for open man more and not think he is only person on team who has to shoot. Granted we don't really have many shooters who can knock down a shot, I would prefer him to kick to wide open guy and take chance that they will knock it down.
  13. Michigan Post-Game Thread

    Absolutely freakin true statement, he is all about himself. Some of his shots absolutely make me scream at the tv. He settles for three pointers that he can get at anytime, then when he drives to the hoop and throws up wild shot instead of kicking it out to an open shooter, it makes me crazy. HERO BALL!!!!!!!!!
  14. Game Thread vs. Michigan

    Get Hill the ball and let him shoot, ball hog Rice has taken 10 shots, how many of those we're forced, not in the flow of offense. Must know he is on Espn tonight.
  15. Post-Season Dreams Live On PostGame

    Once Hill matures and gets in better shape, his athleticism will improve. He isn't a freak athlete, but his skill level and future improvement of fitness will be enough to improve his hops and agility. Nunn is athletic, but his size isn't there and he is pretty much one handed . That might improve, but watch Hill handle ball, he doesn't favor either hand. He knows how to score and that is just a gift most don't have.