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  1. Classless Cliff

    Yep. Fans like that are why my username is so $$$.
  2. Classless Cliff

    As an Illinois fan, I am really happy he did that. Now, I get to pretend to be justified in the deep hatred I already felt toward him.
  3. Cliff chooses.......

    Don't be such a p*ssy. Groce knows how to play the Chicago game. He learned from some of the best. Chip Sylvie is reporting that we just upped our offer and now have a legit chance at landing this stud!
  4. Cliff chooses.......

    I hope our guys are cheating as bad as Kansas and DePaul to get him!!!!
  5. Cliff to Kansas per Marcus Jackson

    That is NOT what I choose to believe! :dikembe
  6. Cliff chooses.......

    BS. It's going to be a Holly-Jolly Cliff-mas come 3 o'clock!!! :dance
  7. Cliff on Twitter

    "Cliff nuts roasting on an open fire... Big Cliff, nipping at your door.. And though it's been said many times, many ways... Merry CLIFF-mas, to you!" :violin
  8. Quentin Snider update

    I'm dreaming of an Orange and Blue Cliff-mas!!!!!!!! Sing it with me!
  9. Today's Prediction

  10. Today's Prediction

    Snider to UofL Not sure on Alexander...but it is beginning to feel a lot like Cliff-mas! :dance
  11. Snider Signs With Louisville

    So what is the word on Cliffmas, my brothers?