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  1. 5-5-5-4-3-2

    Gallup Daily Tracking poll lead for McCain over the past 6 days... Gallup
  2. J Leman

    Leman and Norwell were both cut today... Viking Cuts
  3. J Leman

    He survived the cut down to 75 players. And took the number 55 of Derrick Pope, a linebacker and special teams player who was cut. Pope cut by Vikings However, the Football writers at the Star-Tribune have both Leman and Chris Norwell as long shots to make the roster. Projecting the Vikings roster
  4. I can't really take the Forbes lists regarding sports very seriously ever since this... Forbes Top GMs Although the methodology for this one appears to be a bit more sound.
  5. I applaud Kobe for scouting his future opponents, but he is going to have to shoot the ball better than he has in the first two games in order for the U.S. to beat the best teams in the world. He was 4-13 from the field today against Angola, including 0-8 from the arc. This after shooting 6-14 (1-7 3's) against China. I'm not sure why he's shooting so poorly, other than perhaps having tired legs from the long NBA season. But he may need to stop taking so many jumpers if he can't start hitting them. We'll see if Greece, Spain or Germany can handle the pressure defense from the U.S., preventing the easy layups that have carried them through the first two games.
  6. Hq Ib= Much Slower Than Old Ib

    Server room power supply = Although, it has seemed a bit quicker in the past half-hour, so maybe they added another hamster.
  7. It's a very interesting partnership. Anyone know of any similar deals where traditional media outlets (Newspaper and Radio) have created a combined internet presence with an existing Internet Message Board? I would think that most media outlets attempt to create and control their own Internet sites. The relationship of IB to Scout seemed a bit more logical, being that they were both primarily Internet sites to begin with. Personally, I'm thrilled to see the N-G's Illini Coverage available online for free. However, I'm leery about what impact the merger will have on the IB discourse.
  8. The greatest song from a movie ever?

    Here's a couple of my favorites... probably not as well known.
  9. Are you referring to Charles Thompson? I don't recall Holloway ever being in trouble with the law.
  10. FF team names - Go!

    Uterbraten is a yearly standard for me I've also used Zuckercorns and Where's Wallace in recent leagues.
  11. This appears to be the 2002 Playoff game in question... based on this article: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=ArR4...ov=ap&type=lgns Only one series was at 3-2...the Lakers and Kings. Here's some quotes and a recap from that game http://www.nba.com/games/20020531/SACLAL/recap.html
  12. Thanks Wilbon!

    It was September 2nd, 86-82.