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  1. Any info on Tyler Griffey's off-season

    On offense, Griffey was much better than Davis last year, but on defense, he was a sieve. I have to believe that he realizes this and has worked hard on defensive end. Also, he had problems knowing where he needed to be on both ends of the floor, but that seemed to improve as the year went on. He's eventually going to be a great player. I really jump he makes the leap this year and gets equal minutes with Davis, but if not, he'll be a stud as a junior.
  2. Explain B.J. Mullens fate to me

    A lot of what is being said here about Mullins could have been said about Joel Pryzbilla about 10 years ago. And he's had a nice NBA career. For guys like them, it comes down to 1) putting the work in to get better, and 2) staying healthy. I'm not sure an extra year of college helps him in either area. I do know that NBA players don't have schoolwork interfering with their basketball development. If he fails to amount to anything in the NBA, it's likely that another year at OSU wasn't going to help.
  3. Lunardi's Bracketology for next year

    There were lots of question marks entering this past season. We lost three seniors, two of whom were three-year starters. We went from three guys capable of handling PG duties to just one. We also welcomed four freshman, who are always questionable and we also had a huge X-factor in Legion. Most of use believe we should've made the tournament and almost certainly would've if not for that Vegas trip. I figured that we'd make the tournament because the Big Ten was projected to be so strong, which it wasn't. This year, we really don't lose anyone important. Even if we get nothing from JR, ML, CH and JB and even if DJ, BP and TG don't improve a lick in the offseason, we're probably good enough to avoid those early slip-ups and make a field of 65. Even the most conservative of us would expect improvement from DJ, BP and TG and that alone should erase any doubt. Add in the fact that Richmond is probably an improvement over Cole/Keller and that Leonard can at least provide some solid shot-altering defense when Tisdale sits, I just don't see how we could be projected to miss the field of 65. Looking at Lunardi's projection, there are just way too many WTFs in there to take any of it very seriously.
  4. Coaching view of the final 4

    Or maybe he wants to see Izzo win and doesn't want to say anything that might hurt MSU's chances.
  5. Bubble Update / Who to Cheer For

    Good stuff. However, as far a Cornell goes, I think the Ivy is a one bid league regardless on who wins. Cornell has a two game lead over princeton, so in order for Cornell to not get the automatic bid, they'd have to lose at least two of their remaining games, which would likely include one bad loss (home against Princeton) and one truly horrendous loss (either Penn, Brown or Yale). Those losses would torpedo any at-large hopes they had.
  6. WI has the easiest route to B10 championship

    I think it's unlikely that NU sweeps IU, Iowa and PSU plus the home game against Minnesota. 10-8 is more likely than 11-7 Also, barring a BTT title, NU isn't getting a 6 or 7 seed. The resume is not terribly impressive and their SOS will be very weak after this string of 'cupcakes'. If NU were to finish 10-8, I'd liken NU's resume this year to the Illini's resume in 2007, when we barely made the tournament. No bad losses, but not a lot of meat. That would put them in a position where they might need to win a BTT game. As for Wisconsin, they should easily sweep IU and take care of Iowa at home. NU and Illinois may challenge them at home although a loss is unlikely. Road games at Minnesota and Illinois will be tough. I still think MSU has the upper hand. They have road games against PSU and IU and then later, the get PSU and Michigan at home to close the season. There are only three real challenges left for MSU (PU, OSU , @PU) and two are at home. I think Wisconsin probably needs to win out to have any chance of an outright title and probably can't lose more than one game to have a realistic shot at a split title.
  7. 2010 - 2011

    We will still have some of the same weaknesses next year. Most notably our lack of beef inside. We will be susceptible to physical teams. Also the defense should continue to improve, but may fall short of our usual standard. But I think we should definitely contend for a Big Ten title and could make a good run in the NCAAs with the right matchups.
  8. After Seeing Mike Davis play up close...

    If Davis would box out his man instead of just drifting toward the hoop, he'd probably get fewer rebounds himself, but the team would get more.
  9. Opinion Poll-How Many Big Ten Wins Will It Take...

    Teams with 14 losses hardly ever make the tournament. Arizona did a few years back, but their SOS was off the charts. If we finish 10-8 and make the BTT final, there may be a slim chance, depending on the at-large landscape. 11-7 is far from a lock. But we'd have a shot. In the last six brackets, there have been a total of five 13-loss teams. It would help if Clemson turned things around and Vandy stayed hot. Those two wins, combined with a minimum of 2 wins against the MSU/PU/OSU/UW group, would look pretty good compared to other bubble teams. It would be very difficult to imagine a 12-6 team missing the tournament, but a first round loss in the BTT might bring that into play.
  10. How about some High-Low for the 2 Mikes

    That would require the physical strength to establish and hold position down low. Neither player is capable of that.
  11. The Bench

    Nix is shooting 15% from the FT line, which means that Izzo wouldn't dare have him in the game when they're in the bonus. Which is exactly why he starts instead of coming off the bench.
  12. Proposed new rebounding stat

    A variation on this already exists over at www.kenpom.com. It's called Offensive Rebounding Percentage (OR%) and is calculated as: 100 * OR / (OR + opponents DR) Or in words, the percentage of offensive rebound opportunities where we actually got the rebound. The average OR% among NCAA Div. I teams so far this year is 33.1. Our OR% to date is 36.1, which is #81 in the nation. It's fairly easily calculated from box score data...the only difficult thing is finding how many of the 'Team rebounds' were offensive vs. defensive. By looking at your OR% and your opponents OR% in a given game, you get a pretty good idea of who really outrebounded who. In the Vandy game, our OR% was 28.0 and Vandy's was 26.5. Pretty much even. If you like truly imformative basketball stats, KenPom is where you want to look.
  13. Depth this year - viable strategy by Bruce?

    Definitely. There's a mental edge that goes with having depth. Other teams have to game plan for it. If you're facing a team with superior depth, you're going to try to slow it down and beat them in the halfcourt. But who's better than Bruce Weber at half-court basketball? It's a Catch-22 for our opponents. Either run with us and risk dead legs in the second half or slow it down and try to score against our vaunted half-court defense. Our half-court defense may not be quite up to snuff yet, but it will be in due time. The only real question mark for us is how efficient we can be in our half-court offense. I expect most Big Ten teams will try to slow us down, with the exception of MSU, Minnesota and maybe Purdue. The Clemson game should be interesting. they'll have no problem matching our pace. Ditto for Oklahoma State (if we play them in Vegas)
  14. early line for Wofford game

    That spread is about what i would expect. But I'd still pick Illinois if forced to bet. 15 points isn't that much for a home game against a so-called cupcake, even though Wofford seems somewhat formidable.
  15. Preseason Countdown: No.24 Illinois

    I read that tidbit about Meacham somewhere else as well...although it might've been the Yahoo! preseason mag, which uses Rivals as its source. Interesting that they had Maryland all the way down at #40. Most rankings have them in the Top 25.