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  1. Next year 16-17

    I logged in for the first time in years just to thank you for that post. I needed a good laugh. So good :)
  2. Postgame Thread.

  3. Looks like Ryan Christie was wrong about Weber.........

    I fixed it for you. You could very well be right, but thank god not everyone is as negative as you.
  4. Nice little Illinois blurb in SI

    I may be wrong, but from the way it looks, we finally are getting the players on campus who were fans of the 2005 team growing up. You can't expect players who were already going elsewhere to just jump ship to go to Illinois after that season's run, but why weren't they coming here already? I think Weber had buck fever going after Gordon. What players might have come here had Gordon been going to Indiana all along?
  5. IU postgame thread.

    True, but that's like me saying you're #$%&@!ing douchebag. It really doesn't need mentioning.
  6. IU/Sampson question on Jeopardy today I just had to chuckle today when the IU and Sampson saga was a question on Jeopardy today.