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  1. When did you hop off the Grocewagon?

    What's really bothering me is that there are many games we start out ahead, then it gets even, then after halftime it's over. That's a coaching thing. Let alone we get outrebounded by 30 or 40 every game and that we play absolutely no defense. I went through the Lou Henson era where we were near (or at the top) of defensive field goal percentage every year. I can't fathom the thought of an Illini team playing no defense. I've been at this point at various times in the past, but now it seems like every year (usually in football) where I'm almost hoping the team loses so they fire the coach. Unfortunately, this doesn't work every year, because pretty soon (like now) no coach dares come to C-U. I almost wish they would put a moratorium on the athletic program...shut it down for a few years, and bring it back when those in charge have had time to think about how to go forward. And maybe we're in the wrong conference, and we should align with the MAC or Conference USA. We are out of our league at present, in every sport. Think the men's sports are doing bad...look at women's basketball. I will forever be proud of going to Illinois and getting the education I did, but athletically they're pathetic.
  2. Goemaw speculating Bruce losing 4th player

    If we were good this thread wouldn't exist.
  3. Illini Leading the Country...

    That would be a classic match-up with Kentucky...our FT% vs. their offense, defense, rebounding, and shot blocking. Sounds even to me. Seriously, it's a great feeling at the end of a game (provided it's close) that fouls are to our advantage, not against.
  4. RIP Shark

    I always thought Tark got a raw deal from the NCAA. As we all know, the NCAA has it out for some programs and totally looks the other way on other programs. They had it out for Tark. He was a real guy, a real coach, and I think players loved playing for him.
  5. RIP Shark

    Duke was loaded that year.
  6. Top 8 Illini

  7. Who here is an alum and who's not?

    Alum '73. Saw Harv Schmidt go from hero to run out of town, and will forever be a Spoon fan
  8. You Make The Rules...

    My hot buttons all deal with time outs: 1. Coaches can't call timeouts; only players on the floor can. 2. In order for a player to call a timeout, he/she must have one foot firmly on the ground and be "under control", i.e., not flying out of bounds or falling or on the ground. Regarding #1, once the whistle blows to start the game, the players should play the game, not the coach. Regarding #2, timeouts called while a player is out of control is a total bail-out, and there have been so many times I have seen a timeout called under these circumstances where the player calling timeout doesn't even have control of the ball. Just thought of another (and this applies to all sports with replays): Have a separate ref/umpire whose sole job is to view the replay. Once a reversal is requested, that ref/ump has 60 seconds (or other predetermined [short] amount of time) to make a decision. If he/she can't make a reversal in that amount of time, the call stands. These reviews that stop play for several minutes on end ruin the flow of the game.
  9. Best Out of State Players in Illini History

    Billy Morris brings back bad memories for me...I was at U of I during those years. That was the beginning of the end...he was supposed to bring us to the pinnacle and then everything unraveled for Harv.
  10. Ulis

    When I think of a 4 year guy at Kentucky his role is to jump up off the bench and cheer like crazy when one of the 5 freshman on the court makes an NBA move.
  11. Next year's preseason #1

    If Parker stays, they're going to have to cut the ball into tiny slices so everybody gets their share.
  12. Stauskas is gone...

    I don't like to see kids go early, but his stock will never be higher. It's hard to believe he will have as good or better year next year than this. This year was a dream season for him.
  13. Kentucky v Uconn

    Lesser of 2 evils? Even that one's hard to call.
  14. Top 50 Players in Illini History

    There's a reason it's called "Bleacher Report" and not something like "Luxury Box Report".
  15. Totally Disgusted

    The NCAA, like most sports in America, is about $$$. College has little or nothing to do with it; the NCAA could care less about so-called "student athletes". I would like to see Kentucky's graduation rate among players on their Final 4 teams.