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  1. Dangerous Website

    Has anyone else experienced trouble logging into this site today????.....When I try to enter....a message appears that this is an insecure site and I have to go through other channels to get logged in......I'm using Safari......just wondering if anyone else is experincing any problems
  2. Over/Under # of Head Coaches Fired From FBI

    Not sure how long this investigation will go on or how many HC will be canned as a result.....depends on how the FBI views this.....I mean do they have the attitude of let's go for it....unlimited resources...unlimited man power....clear the swamp type attitude...in which case this could drag on for a very long time, spending vast amounts of money and tying up a large number of investigators.....getting Coaches, Asst. coaches, Agents, Shoe company reps, boosters, possibly AD's....it could be endless interviews, checking out tips and info from those that are trying to save their asses.......or does the FBI bring the hammer down on as many as they can get (especially some big time names, like Pitino) in a specified amount of time and then say, well we've got everyones attention and we've brought some of the culprits down (especially some very recognizable names)....this should send a message and the rest of those that the FBI couldn't get or didn't have the time or man power to bring down, will never be able to do business (or bribery) as usual without fear someone being an undercover agent or being recorded.....I would think that recruiting through the bribery technique has already been severly hampered.....I suspect that within a few months this will be in our review mirror
  3. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    Not bad for someone that just signed up a few hours ago....where you been Anna???
  4. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    So are you saying the HC would or would not have some knowledge of this type of discussion going on during the recruiting process???....I mean the HC may not be directly involved....but having knowledge of the discussion or offer....what ya think????
  5. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    So how does this type of bribery actually play out in the recruiting process without the Head Coach not knowing about it at some point and time?????...... assistant coach #1...says to the recruit and family..."I can get you $100,000 if you come and play for us"....I would think the player and the parents would at some point during this process ask the HC about this....."hey coach...assistant #1 has mentioned a 100 grand if we come play for you....is that right??...if so how does this work??" In which case the HC has knowledge of the bribe......Or does assistant #1 tell player and family..."we can't talk about this with the HC, because....well you know it's against the rules and illegal....and HC is not going to be involved directly with anything illegal".....I just can't imagine that any HC would not have some knowledge of that type of thing going on within his program....and whether they were or were not directly involved...if they had some knowledge of this then they are obligated to put an end to it..or they are guilty as well
  6. Sexual assault charges filed at SLU

    Good....I'll make the popcorn...what time does it start??? :lol:
  7. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    I think he's actually a politician masking as a lawyer B)
  8. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    NCAA will allow these schools to keep their contracts with Adidas and wear their shoes if they wear uniforms with Horizontal strips for home games and orange jump suits for road contests :lol: oh and no names.... just the number on the front jersey
  9. NU with a top 10 class, so far

    After yesterdays FBI announcement.....Northwestern-Rutgers-Penn State...may be at the top of the B10 standings for years to come :lol:
  10. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    So if I understand this correctly...we have at this point assistant coaches who have been accused and some arrested for taking money to try and sway kids to go to a certain university or do business with a certain company when they enter the NBA....I know this is probably being pretty simplistic to all the allegations ........but can someone tell me how this is different from companies and corporations hiring lobbyists to try and sway Washington politicians to enact policies and legislation that would benefit these companies and corporations????......I know....these assistant coaches are employees of the universities and are being paid with tax payers dollars.....but I'm guessing lobbyists for General Motors Corporation are being paid with some of my dollars as well (since I drive GM vehicles)....not saying this makes it right...just seems like it's very similar
  11. Say it ain't so...

    Yea...I got my lawyer lined up already...so when I get kicked out for yelling "CHIEF"....the preliminary stuff (sh*t) will be taken care of in advance.....cuff me and bag me cause I got rights
  12. Recruiting

    It's got something to do with Harvey.
  13. Recruiting

    Yea I can't imagine Duke recruits getting to concerned over the Duke football program....playing on a team that will year in year out compete for ACC and National titles probably is enough to seal the deal....once BU gets the program back into winning and competing for B10 titles as well as going into at least the 2nd weekend of the ncca tourney with hopes of winning it all, recruits will come a little more easily....build it and they will come
  14. Jud

    Yes...I was there as well....spartan player threw the ball out of bounds right to Jud....in his frustration he bounces the ball hard onto the floor right in front of him....ball comes up through his hands and right in his face....you could see how red his face was, either from the ball or from embarrassment...either way it was unforgettable.....prayers and condolences to his family and friends