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  1. Weber being trashed by CBS sports

    LET IT GO ALREADY. I've heard it claimed that liberals had "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and Tea Partiers have "Obama Derangement Syndrome." But the level of obsession and hatred for someone who is no longer our coach is pathetic. Maybe you should seek medical help.
  2. We have a good team...

    I'm reserving judgment until tonight. 2 things: 1. Can the Illini score in the half-court? Pushing the tempo is great but if a team focuses on not allowing the fastbreak, can we still score? 2. Third night dead-leg shooting. Luckily, UNC came back and forced Butler to play a full 40 yesterday. But will jump shots still fall tonight for the Illini? An outside shooting night of 6 for 28 could spell major trouble.
  3. ILLINI vs USC Game Thread

    Yeah, I remember Wooden's comments and the exceptionally fine looking Nicole Manske who was interviewing him when he said that. I think what Wooden meant to say was it the best college team he had since they stopped paying college players like when he was at UCLA. :)
  4. ILLINI vs USC Game Thread

    So does Jay Price get credit for scheduling the Hawaii game before the Maui tournament? I keed, I keed. :lol: Just drinking the kool-aid tonight!
  5. ILLINI vs USC Game Thread

    Am I am no way making a comparison of teams, but 8 yrs ago this weekend my father and I were in Indy for the Illini - Gonzaga game. The warm fuzziness I felt that day has returned. I'm not sure I have seen a half like that since then. One last thing - suck it Bruce Pearl.
  6. IU's Jurkin, Mosquera-Perea to sit nine games

    He's a booster because of the $185 payment - just like Al Capone was guilty of tax evasion and that's why he was sent to prison. If you try to define "booster"- Adams fits that description. The $185 is something the NCAA can point to as concrete evidence. If looks like a duck and quacks like a duck- 9 games is letting them off easy with the hopes that IU will just accept it and move on.
  7. High School sports question

    OT question from someone out of state: Is there a good message board for IHSA football? We have some family friends whose team is still in the playoffs. I was just curious if there was a good board where I could read some discussion of past/upcoming games? Thanks
  8. Prayer after the game

    Charleston Southern University - founded by the Southern Baptist Convention. So "Southern" doesn't refer to geography as much as it does their affiliation with the Southern Baptist church. Check out their web-site: http://www.charlestonsouthern.edu/ Their motto is "Integrating Faith in Learning, Leading, and Serving." So my guess is that it is their team's tradition/ post-game ritual and they invited our team and players to join if they wanted. Post-game prayers between the teams is still pretty common south of the Mason-Dixon line at the high school and college levels.
  9. Turn down NIT? - are we the "Give Up Illini"?

    I know we're talking about 18-22 year olds, but I don't like it. It would be too bad if they came out and got throttled by another team. Then people might think the actual problem this year was them and not Bruce. Better to let him be the scapegoat and not face the possibility of being exposed. Oh well, it's purely their decision and their job isn't to please the fans. But the fact they would vote not to play if given the chance says a lot about their character. (At least confirms what we've known for the last 6 weeks.)
  10. Jereme Richmond suspended

    GMAB. Weber can't win with some of you. He says something to the media... he's throwing them under the bus. He doesn't say something to the media... he owes it to us to tell us why Jereme didn't play. Wildly speculating that "he's gonna leave" without any more information than the man on the moon is just downright wrong. If he is suspended for the rest of the season, so be it. But why tell Kansas or our next opponent that? If it was a one-game issue or an attitude thing, then I'm sure there was a 1 on 1 meeting scheduled this morning. It's highly possible the staff hadn't made up their mind about Sunday until they spoke with him personally today.
  11. Latest Bracketology

    I understand that these are pointless, but it's nice for two things, IMO. 1. Where we fit on the S-curve. Right now as #4 that puts us as 13-16. Not bad, but still room for improvement, especially if we want to: 2. Will we be seeded in Chicago? It's nice to see someone else's perspective on the seeding. With Cleveland and Chicago hosting, it's good to see who else is in contention with us for the Chicago spots. Ohio St. seems to be safe in Cleveland, but Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan St., and us seem to be potential teams for Chicago. It's good to see where we rank in relation to them.
  12. Why the double standard?

    I will admit I have a slight double standard, but mainly for personal reasons. I played college football and coached HS football for a decade. I never played basketball past junior high. So I feel like I understand football enough - the nuances of the game: play calling, game/clock situations, game plans, etc. I do not have the same regard for basketball. I've always felt basketball was more of a "roll the ball out" game. So count me in the group that think we'd be in a better bowl game if Zook had nothing to do with the last 4 games this year. I will say, that as of noon last Saturday, I had a lot of confidence in the direction of the basketball program. But if there is not a tourney win this year- then it might be time to consider a change.
  13. Zook starts talking...

    Coincidence??? :lol:
  14. Oakland Giving Sparty all they want

    Since it seems to be common around this forum... does this put more shine on the Oakland win? :)
  15. Gonzaga loses to WSU

    Georgetown lost last night to Temple. Mizzou needed overtime to beat Vandy and barely hung on against Oregon. Memphis needed overtime to beat Arkansas St. Kansas needed a bogus call to protect their undefeated streak. Baylor has yet to leave home and has the 294th rated schedule. Just about every team (except maybe Duke) has struggled against inferior competition. You can try to take all the shine off our wins all you want, but we've exceed my expectations coming in this year, and a win against Mizzou is the icing on the cake for non-conference play.