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  1. Golf team up to #1....

    Mason played as an individual in this tourney and didn't play at Olympia (just clarifying)
  2. nice article on Jeff Allen too
  3. Golf team up to #1....

    http://www.golfstat.com/2008-2009/men/mncaahth.htm well earned
  4. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    Lehman is gone. ML is about to be a small piece of BofA. Whatever semantics you want to use though. John Thain just equated Lehman to Bear.
  5. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    touche re Mrs. Lincoln. but when IndyMac and WaMu go that will only leave 150,000 other banks.
  6. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    and again, history repeats itself. you may have linked that quote before and I missed it, either way, fascinating. (also, I guess $35mm ain't what it was!)
  7. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    you mean something like this?? Banks Roll Out $70 Billion Loan Program Associated Press September 14, 2008 10:42 p.m. NEW YORK -- A group of global banks and securities firms announced late Sunday a $70 billion loan program that financial companies can tap to help ease a credit shortage that threatens global financial markets. The ten banks, which include JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., said they were committing $7 billion each for the pool. The pool would act as a signal to the marketplace that banks, brokerages, and other financial companies can lean on the fund to take care of borrowing needs. The banks said the program will be available to participating banks which can get a cash infusion up to a maximum of one-third of the total size of the pool. The size of the loan program might increase as "other banks are permitted to join." All participating banks intend to use this facility beginning this week, the statement said. The banks also include Bank of America Corp., Barclays PLC, Citigroup Inc., Credit Suisse Group, Deutsche Bank AG, Merrill Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley and UBS. The banks made the announcement to try to head off market disruptions after the possible failure of investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Lehman was expected to file for bankruptcy by Monday after succumbing to dwindling investor confidence due to losses from its real estate holdings.
  8. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    That's nice and all, but it's the banks that are surviving and the I-banks failing. And AIG maybe, but no other insurance companies.
  9. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    Hell no but it is amazing to watch from the sidelines
  10. Lehman AND Merrill disappearing??

    BofA just bought Merrill http://online.wsj.com/home/us
  11. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1221422785...s_us_whats_news I would bet yes, hard
  12. Missing or injured players

    Pretty sure Becker is wearing 41, or maybe 49.