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  1. Ron "Chin" Coleman

    That's Cindy Lou Who ya filthy animals.
  2. Jamall Walker

    I honestly don't know what value he adds at this point? Much better coaching and recruiter ACs out there.
  3. Assistant suggestions...

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that article was trash. Pretty sad state of affairs for the Trib that she is assigned to the Illini beat. She didn't break any news and her content is never earth shattering.
  4. #makeillinoisbasketballgreatagain

    Still here in spirit, but hanging on by a thread. The new normal is scary and I fear irreversible.
  5. NBC Sports previews next years B1G

    Illinois is in a great place.
  6. John Groce Interview in NG

    "If we had a normal amount do I, in my heart of hearts, think this year would have been a lot different? No question. I know what we looked like in Florida for a game-and-a-half, and that was with some guys who hadn’t practiced but a day or two." Wow, Groce is certifiably insane.
  7. Tilmon and Goodwi

    The sharks smell blood.
  8. Tilmon and Goodwi

    He got smart and is probably going elsewhere. Hoping Whitman's only excuse for not booting Groce was that he didn't have a quality replacement lined up.
  9. I'm guessing that ship has sailed.
  10. Tilmon and Goodwi

    Hard to argue with this. I've had the same thoughts watching Demetrius Jacson during the tourney as well.
  11. How much longer do we have to wait?

    Fingers crossed!!
  12. How much longer do we have to wait?

    Speculation on another board that Lovie's press conference being pushed back to March 29th may be a tell that Groce is getting canned. We'll see?
  13. All, if not most, of our possible replacements are now out of the tournament. Someone wake me when we have a coach who has a clue.
  14. Rock Bottom

    I have to think so, right?
  15. #1 reason Groce will be here next year

    Did he explain why on the radio besides "for recruiting purposes."