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  1. What are you drinking?

    That’s why I always tell my wife that the $.45 Aldi charges to have them washed/packaged/handled under basic food safety guiidlines is totally worth it Plus I wouldn't have to escort my kids through the sh!t littered henhouse to gather them
  2. Trubisky time

    I only got to see the end of 3rd and the 4th quarter. The play Smith made on that INT was pretty damn good. MT hasn’t seen that kind of playmaking ability to this point. Looked like he thought Miller was going to break harder to the ball too.
  3. Dangerous Website

    Check your inbox
  4. Recruiting

    Sorry to hear about your loss bro. Got the place all to yourself now?
  5. Trubisky time

    That was exciting
  6. What are you drinking?

    I went in one in the late 90s and never set foot in one again until about three years ago at the the one in Bourbonnais by the GFS when we just needed a couple things after car shopping. It was just as ghetto as I’d remembered it. I was appalled and told my wife I’d never set foot in one again. They’ve since rebuilt that one out north of town on Route 50 and it’s really nice. There’s also a new one on the south end of town. What’s interesting is that there is a lot of difference in what the ones in Champaign stock versus the ones in Kankakee. The milk and egg prices are considerably higher in K3, but K3 has a lot more European foods, particularly German and Italian. We currently have 9 gallons of frozen $.89 milk in our basement deep freeze and 2 in the fridge. Every time we open a new gallon, we get a frozen one out and put it in the back of the fridge in a pie pan, it’s usually thawed by the time the other one is used up. I had never imagined how much milk a family can go through. We used to get a lot of $.45 eggs too, but my aunt and a neighbor have chickens and we get free eggs out the wazoo anymore. It’s kinda hard to believe they went from being such a #$%&@!hole to one of our favorites places to shop. Completely reinvented themselves. Even the clientele completely shifted, despite the same low prices. My only real complaints are their fresh pork and their lunch meat.
  7. What are you drinking?

    I shop at the more upscale North Prospect location
  8. What are you drinking?

    On a whim, I got a 4 pack of 16oz “Hop Lift IPA” cans at Aldi Saturday afternoon. Think it was $6.49. Not bad for the price. More of a session type IPA, would be good for a warm day or keeping around so your friends don’t drink all your good #$%&@! when they stop by. uploading a photo
  9. What are you drinking?

  10. Iowa game

    Was pretty disappointed with the Nebraska game and the fact that everyone on the planet other than our staff knew that Crouch wasn’t our best option at QB. The offense clearly ran better with JGJ during the USF game, even if he is going to make some turnovers. But that’s what you can expect from Lovie Smith. Stone faced stubbornness and aversion to risk. Not a bad thing in the NFL where there is more parity and offensive game management along with a stout defense can win football games. But when you’re playing against a stacked deck week in and week out, you’ve gotta take some chances and keep the defense off the field, and hope some things break your way. Going to Iowa City and making it a game for 3 quarters with a bunch of freshmen and a gray shirt QB who was never supposed to see actual game time at this level does give me some more optimism. We moved the ball at will for much of the game, just gotta hope JGJ can improve on his decision making, which isn’t an unreasonable expectation with more experience. Shame he wasn’t getting snaps earlier in the season—we see the team we saw the first 3/4 of the Iowa game without the bad turnovers, and all of a sudden the goalposts for this team move pretty dramatically.
  11. What are you drinking?

    Did you drink it from a glass or straight from the can?
  12. Anyone else getting a phishing warning?

    Man don’t complain too much, they’ll probably just shut the forum down
  13. Recruiting

  14. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    It really is becoming very difficult to stay engaged or emotionally invested in college basketball. Watching UNC run through this year’s tournament was not only anticlimactic but absolutely ridiculous given that they’ve continued to thrive at a high level in both sports while under a never ending investigation that spans decades of impropriety.
  15. I wasn't worried until I heard BU