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  1. Did Tate really say what I think he said?

    How does not being able to screen tie into the emphasis on offensive precision?
  2. I Remember When...

    I remember when BAM was winning with 3 stars.
  3. 6 or 7 man rotation

    Agree on the timeouts, BWeb should have called 2 timeouts during the last 6 minutes of the first half, you could see that run coming and once it started, got worse for us in a hurry.
  4. ILL v SIU-E

    Lot easier to win a NCAA tournament game if you can get to the line.
  5. Will Weber pass up Henson's win total at Illinois?

    The win total is definetly achievable given more games, exempt tournaments, Big 10 tournament, expanded ncaa tournament, easier 1st/2nd round ncaa tournament games, etc. What I would most love to see from Weber is consistent tournament success. He has a chance to really turn around what has been the biggest knock on UI hoops and I think he has a shot of doing it. Granted these are very big stretch goals but consider the following: UI is #18 in all time NCAA tournament wins with 38 but #42 in winning percentage at 0.567 (behind Purdue, WI, MI, OSU, IU in that order bottom to top). The very best programs and coaches can win 70% or greater of tournament games. If Weber could make 10 tournaments during his remaining years at UI, and average a 70% winning percentage (an average of 2.3 wins per loss), he would improve the program by 23 tournament wins to 61 all time and improve the tournament winning percentage to greater than 60%. Of course other programs will continue to win, but as of today 60 tournament wins would be tied with IU and LOUI for #6 all time. A > 60% winning percentage is also top 30 all time. Weber's NCAA tournament record is 10-7 (0.588) including the Sweet16 run at SIU. Assuming a 60% winning percentage spread over 10 tournaments (average of 1.5 wins per loss) would equate to 15 remaining tournament wins for Weber which doesn't get me too excited. But of course I admit to being jaded and desperate for NCAA tourney success. Of course even making an additional 10 NCAA tournaments would be a great accomplishment for Weber and most programs would be ecstatic with that result. But winning at or below 60% of tournament games is basically average for a top 20 program. Improving that to 70% makes you elite.
  6. Seth Davis can kiss my buttinski

    The worst is the backhanded compliment, complete rationalization that "this is not the same Spartans team we saw a few weeks ago"
  7. Congrats Indiana University 2008-2009

    Nice, while UI is still playing, you could suppement this post with how many games UI made up (in terms of trailing) IU this season in total NCAA wins. They need to know this.
  8. Illiniboard Posters

    Nice post.
  9. Will Leitch writes about Rex Grossman

    Did he trip over himself getting into his car? Did he have that dumb, confused look in his eyes as he tried to start the engine? Can he follow directions? Will he get lost on the way out of town? Did he forget his football? God I hope not. See ya rex.
  10. A little perspective

    That is a reasonable reply ... Best of luck with your efforts
  11. A little perspective

    Who appointed you voice of reason? Reasonable reply only please ...
  12. Further reading how terrible IU is

    Crean will have IU competing for effective big 10 championships in no time.
  13. Assembly Hall Crowd

    80% of fans cheer after something good happens, a dunk, a run, a big rejection 95% almost never get on their feet and cheer on defense when we are down and need a must stop Since the shortened shot clock, pretty rare for fans to even get on their feet and applaud excellent defense towards the end of a possesion At least 1/3 of ticket holders don't even stand when the band plays Illinois Loyalty It has always been like this and always will be given these long term "loyal" fans that believe buying tickets makes a good fan.
  14. Could easily be down by 30, brutal. Senior leadership? Lack of talent senior leadership that folds.
  15. 3 guard offense with only 1 shooter and Trent again losing his ability to get open in Big 10. Not good. I understand playing Legion but he is lost. Mike Davis needs to step up; we shall see.