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  1. "Loyalty to a fault"

    If Tiz start agian this year, I seriously want to call the ifund and pull my account and ticket orders. I know he only has a few games left but it is still amazing that he gets as much clock as he gets. I don't blame Tiz he is what he is, a 7 foot shooting gaurd not the enforcer under the rim that we desperatly need. Dmac Brandon Jereme MD and DJ should be starting with more off of the bench than Bill and Tiz. Give the Kids a chance they cant do any worse than score 4 points in the last 5 minutes like our seniors did against Michigan.
  2. "Loyalty to a fault"

    This is a quote that Klee gave us from AD Guenther during the Live from Assembly Hall last night. I too find this Interesting. First of all Guenther is a little hypocritical if he is not using this for himself let alone Bruce. Many times with the football team and women’s basketball team he needed to pull the trigger sooner than he has. At this point in time I am a very watered down Kool Aid drinker and this year is harder to watch than Shaun Pruit senior year (More expectations this year). Bruce is finally getting to a starting lineup that a lot of people would like, but when Tiz comes into the game at 18:00 mark and plays a majority of the game, I just don't get Bruce's thinking on this. If starting is the honor, let all of the seniors start then pull them at the first out of bounds play. The use of the Bench is my biggest pet peeve this year. Bruce wanted to use 9 or 10 at the beginning of the year, now we are down to 7(Myers not playing in the second half when Tiz and Mike D. needed a blow is just mind blowing to me) "Tyler needs to get his confidence back" when you see no game time then how can you get confidence. "Joe B is playing better but it’s too late in the season for him to break into the rotation" if you are shrinking the bench then why not try someone new??????? I still think Bruce is a good coach (Not Great), but his stubbornness is going to be his downfall here. Being a nice guy and clean coach that can barely make the tournament is only going to last for so long if something doesn’t change soon.
  3. http://ev10.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AIBM%3AB09%3AB14%3A&linkID=nwu&shopperContext=&caller=appList&appCode=
  4. Bilas and Enberg are the best TV BB announcers

    My favorite pairing would be Brad Nessler as PBP and Bilas and Raftery as the color guys. That pairing beats anyone on TV today. OH ya, Erin Andrews as the sideline reporter. That is as good as it gets. :creeper :dance :dance
  5. I hope Coach can real him in with Thompson and Shaw. That would be the best class with abrams that we could get for '11. I think Kansas will be able to offer more playing time by then.
  6. Vandy Tickets - I Fund Question

    Has anyone recieved anything for the Vandy Tickets or Braggin Rights game from the Fund yet? if not how can you get tickets for the game? Looking to go to both games and just wandering if there is any info out there.
  7. Calling Eric Loy

    Eric, Where was Jim Turpin on Saturday? hopefully all is well
  8. Calling Eric Loy

    Not exactly what I had hoped for but I will definantly take it. Thanks for the info it is much appreciated.
  9. Calling Eric Loy

    Will the Night of Legends be broadcast live on the network or be available online any where? It will be great to hear Jim Turpin doing play by play again. That would be a great thing for those of us not able to make it to the CU Saturday night.
  10. BTN to air Illinois Night of Legends

    How many of you sent in Emails to the BTN? I can't believe that I was the only one, I will be in Dallas that week so this is a great thing. Im sure that they won't cover every minute but this is still way better than nothing
  11. Reunion Game Coverage

    Any chance the Big Ten Network would broadcast the reunion game? I am going to be out of town that weekend and won't be able to go. I will be at a location were the BTN is available. Since the BTN is in need of fresh programing, even if it would be taped delayed it would be a nice thing to show. Sorry if this was previously discussed, I didn't see it
  12. If it was Brian B then who is calling the football game today?