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  1. "Though his conditioning is behind the other players, Bertrand won dunk titles in high school and his bounce appears to be intact. He was messing around with teammates the other day and bumped his head on the rim while attempting a dunk, Richardson said." http://illinihq.com/blogs/basketblog/2009/...ertrands_status Now that's one injury I wouldn't mind having! (but never will, unfortunately)
  2. "Curt Mallory and Dan Disch, current members of the Illini football staff who shared the roles of defensive coordinator the past three seasons, will continue as position coaches." Just because it seems like a few people have misread the announcement, although Mallory and Disch are coming back, they will not be the D coordinator(s). A few people's comments led me to believe that they thought they would continue as co-D-coordinators. That is all.
  3. Proposed new rebounding stat

    I think this does pretty much what I want. I did see on the box score that Illinois had 4 team rebounds and Vandy 2, so that also probably helps Illinois a little. And I read somewhere (I think KenPom's site) that by "rule" all individual rebounds plus team rebounds must equal the total number of rebounds for that team, so the formula you state should be complete. As you mention, the only catch is figuring out if the team rebounds were offensive or defensive. I also have to say that I am very surprised that on average 1/3 of rebound opportunities end up as offensive rebounds. That seems high to me!
  4. Proposed new rebounding stat

    The problem is that not all FT misses are rebound opportunities. Only a miss on the final freethrow of a sequence or the front end of a one-and-one are rebound opportunities. But it is impossible to tell from the boxscore which freethrow misses were rebound opportunities and which were not.
  5. Proposed new rebounding stat

    Actually, both teams missed 6 free throws. We can probably call that a wash, although we don't know how many of the missed free throws were "rebound opportunities".
  6. Illinois out-rebounded Vandy last night, which I think we can all agree is a good thing. However, I have always felt that using total rebounds was a bit misleading, namely because the number of rebounds "available" depends on the number of shots and shooting percentage of the opposing team. For example, if we look at the stats from last night: Vandy: 25-59 = 34 missed shots, 8 offensive rebounds, 17 defensive rebounds, 25 total rebounds Illinios: 32-54 = 22 missed shots, 5 offensive rebounds, 23 defensive rebounds, 28 total rebounds We see that Illinois grabbed 23 defensive rebounds on 34 Vandy misses, for a percentage of 68% of defensive rebounds available. Vandy grabbed 17 defensive rebounds on 22 missed Illinois shots, for a percentage of 77% of defensive rebounds available. I think that provides a more accurate picture of the rebounding, and shows that Vandy actually out-rebounded Illinois. (I realize these numbers are not perfect, because they don't take into account properly rebounds off missed freethrows, tipped rebounds that go out of bounds, etc.) Another interesting rebounding stat I think would be a +/- that is basically the number of "extra" rebounds a team got (offensive rebounds) minus the number of rebounds the team "lost". A simple way to calculate this would be simply to compare offensive rebounds. Illinios got 5 and Vandy got 8. Thus, Vandy would be +3 in the extra rebound stat and Illinois would be -3. A slightly more complicated but perhaps more accurate way to calculate this stat would be to compare offensive rebounds obtained vs defensive rebounds lost. Illinos got 5 offensive rebounds and did not get a rebound on 11 of Vandy's misses, so they would have a -6. Vandy got 8 offensive rebounds and did not get a rebound of 5 of Illinois' misses, so they would have a +3 in this stat. I think any of the above stats would be more useful than comparing total rebounds. Thoughts?
  7. Replay?

    For those who can access it, it looks like they have the replay for free on ESPN360: http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/espn360/schedule? I'm starting now!
  8. Replay?

    ESPN2 seems to have the Wisconsin/Duke game scheduled to be replayed at 2:30am (surprise), but I don't see any replays scheduled for Illinois/Clemson. Anybody else know differently?
  9. Illini vs. Bearcats

    Wait, what just happened? WTF? Why was that TD confirmed on replay? I must have missed something. That was clearly not a TD, right?
  10. LSU/Old Miss

    Did anybody else catch the last couple plays of this game?
  11. UCONN/ND

    Connecticut pulled it out, but I agree, that made no sense at all.
  12. ILL v NIU

    Jump shot from the outside. Davis hits the guy. Ball hits the rim. Ball falls to the floor. Ref calls a foul on Davis. I'm not saying it wasn't a foul. I'm just saying, call it when it happens. Don't wait to see if the shot goes in.
  13. ILL v NIU

    Got to stop giving up the offensive rebounds!
  14. Get your #3 jerseys!

    You can check the Game Thread Forum for updates from people watching the game.
  15. ILL v NIU

    NIU is playing us pretty physical. That should be good for our guys down the line. We'll see lots of that in the Big Ten, but from teams with better players.