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  1. i feel bad for Meyers Leonard

    I just wish we had a true point guard who could find ML when he's open (it's called vision!!!!) and who could break down defenses which would give Leonard a few easy buckets. Paul can do that, but he likes to shoot a little too much to be considered a point guard. Sam is a nice player, but can't break down a defense. A source tells me Meyers will be back next year playing for a new coach.
  2. Van Halen

    Van Halen is back! David Lee, Eddie, Alex and Wolfie on bass A new single "Tattoo" is due to next Tuesday (Jan. 10) A new Album is due Feb. 7 Tour begins in Louisville in February! http://www.vhnd.com/
  3. Mike Sherman

    Jeff Fisher will be the next coach of the Illini.
  4. The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

    The Cardinals could really use a guy like Brandon Phillips.
  5. 2011 NBA Mock Draft

    Richmond to the Pistons - 3rd pick of the 2nd round (33 overall) Dmac goes to Portland in 2nd round (51 overall) I'd hate to see JR go to Detroit, they are horrible. The Heat should grab DMac and let him drain wide open 3's. He's definitely better than Mike Bibby. http://walterfootball.com/nbadraft2011mock_2.php
  6. For those who like to lower the bar...

    He (Butler) has been extremely lucky. Very fortunate to get by Old Dominion, slipped by Pitt with a little help. I'll say it now, Stevens is the coach of Duke next year. (He will be the next Duke coach whenever coach K decides to leave & Coach K will most likely leave for the Lakers next year.)
  7. Somewhat unbelievable...

    Enjoy the rollercoaster that is a Bruce Weber led basketball team. He's the best coach out there that wouldn't leave us for a better job. When we're 21-5 in mid-February next year and running up and down the court with a plethora of athletes, I hope you can enjoy some cheerios.
  8. Myers Leonard

    And when he does show the ability to do more than dunk, watch out! I'd buy Leonard stock right now. The kid just needs to be more aggresive. Shoot the ball Meyers!!! He's got a nice touch from 15 ft and has shown a couple post moves, he just needs to work on them a little bit. He's thinking too much out there. Just play dammit! And he's already improved greatly on the defensive end. I'm not worried about him next year. Give him 30 minutes a game & he'll average 10/10 next year.
  9. Has Jereme Richmond been a disappointment?

    I think Leonard has the ability, he just needs to be more aggressive...and he's shown the ability to hit the mid range jumper. I wish we could hook him up with Kevin McHale, he'd learn a lot from the former Celtic great.
  10. Mendenhall Touchdown

    Cook's TD against Virginia (Ron Turner's favorite play to call) Cook TD against OSU...wow did we put a beat down on them. (Ron Turner's fav play...)
  11. Indiana Postgame Thread

    our seniors (not named Mike Davis) shot 5-26 from the floor. I don't think that is very good. Next year will be addition by subtraction. This year we'll still get in to the big dance and win at least 2 games.
  12. Weber Post Game Radio Interview

    I'm saying we have too many players that can't create their own shot and have questionable basketball IQ.
  13. Weber Post Game Radio Interview

    We need players who can create their own shot. Currently, we have only a few who can. Not to call out players, but I can't wait until next year. Let's just say a lot of it will be addition by subtraction. Go Packers!
  14. Weber Post Game Radio Interview

    I question the basketball IQ of some players
  15. Weber Post Game Radio Interview

    It worked well when Ohio St was doing it.