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  1. Illini @ Purdue (1/2/13) Game Thread

    They are penetrating our zone for layups.
  2. Illini @ Purdue (1/2/13) Game Thread

    We need ball handlers and bangers.
  3. Possibly serious injury for Meyers Leonard

    OMG LOL, post of the year.
  4. Weber is getting rip on the main KSU board

    TBH, Weber lucked out coming in after Self and was not so lucky coming in after Martin. I don't believe Weber could ever recruit a final 4 team made entirely of his own recruits. I will be happy to eat crow if he ever does. The ball handler and banger stuff is just sarcasm.
  5. Oh My Freakin ***

    Wouldn't that be up to the k-state fans?
  6. Weber is getting rip on the main KSU board

    KState's personnel don't fit Bubble's system. They don't have enough ball handlers and bangers.
  7. Oh My Freakin ***

    WFF's on the K-State boards defending Bubbles. P-man will probably get a job over there so he can ban everyone who says bad stuff.
  8. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    With a collection of ball handlers and bangers.
  9. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    It's not "That kind of night for Kansas state" IT'S WEBERBALL!!!!!!!
  10. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    BYU is in Parker's final 5? WTH?
  11. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    You guys just wait until Weber gets his recruits into the program, they will definitely play uptempo slow it down offense.
  12. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    This is so surreal...It's like watching every Illinois game for the last 6 years combined into one.
  13. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    I know what K-State's problem is....they're not MMMMOOOOOOVVVVVVVIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG.
  14. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    Lets see....watching paint dry or watching Weberball....what to choose.
  15. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    This really isnt a home game for the Zags...we played them on their campus.