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  1. Official Coaching Search Thread

    Busy packing boxes I'd guess.
  2. Whitman presser

    Agreed. Walker and year one Miller were really the only solid staff members he had.
  3. Whitman presser

    I think he lands better than that. Time will tell.
  4. Whitman presser

    You know, I've been one of Groces biggest detractors for multiple seasons now, but after watching him in that final PC I'd have to say I'm sad he couldn't make it stick here. Such a different feeling from watching Webers exit and dancing on his newly filled grave. Groce didn't win enough but he's a good guy and goes about it the right way. I hope he lands on his feet (I'm sure he will) and gets another gig. I'll be rooting for him at his next stop.
  5. Whitman presser

    Was Groce interviewed?
  6. Attractiveness of UI Job

    There are a subset of fans (most loyal to FURG) who will always talk this job down. They see Chicago as a detriment not a plus in our backyard. You know the ones, saying keep Groce unless we can make a big hire...which they then said we wouldn't be able to do. Fact is, IL is a top 20 job. Even after a decade of futility and two #$%&@!ty hires, you spend money and get the right guy and we will take off.
  7. John Groce Firing Thread

    Flightaware flight from Willard to Wilmington this evening. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N45HG
  8. Attractiveness of UI Job

    Pickett tweets he's in and that he thinks class will stick together. Also Smith says sad for Groce but he will be open to new coach here (shocking). Also this: Flightaware flight from Willard to Wilmington this evening. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N45HG
  9. Groce Officially Fired

    Hmm. I'd take him over Groce. But he's pretty underwhelming imo. He wouldn't win here at the clip he does in the b12.
  10. Whitman presser

    This. And no thanks to Webster either. He stunk it up here under Weber. Go get somebody that doesn't have a mediocre record. Or a bunch of question marks. Or both. Archie, Gregg, Bennett, etc. Plenty of options out there. Pony up with big boy dollars. Get this thing going again.
  11. Groce Officially Fired

    Sorry Dusty. I told you that you should be getting your resume ready. Courtesy Autopark has lots of new trade-ins that need "detailed". Lulz.
  12. Groce Officially Fired

    Agreed. He was too stubborn to succeed here and the cliches got old but he always represented the university with class. Good luck John.
  13. A bunch of you owe Josh Whitman an apology

    You forgot to log back in as custard.
  14. A bunch of you owe Josh Whitman an apology

    I said I'd happily eat crow. Serve it up. Part of being an Illinois fan is the insane amount of Murphys Law that comes with it. Whitman did his job. Now he really has to do his job and find the right replacement. Let's see what he does. I'm excited for it. By the way, some others need to eat crow too. With #$%&@! on it. I'll get Mammy's plate ready.
  15. Groce Officially Fired

    High thinker. Ok. Now we know we are moving forward. Fun begins now.